Crochet weaves experts and beginners together

The HUB is most famous for its safe space and accepting environment, which is something they pride themselves on. This year, they added a new Crochet Night to their Self Care program. Everyone sat in a circle and began crocheting. 

The supplies were all in a table in the middle of the room so everyone could reach them. For the students that didn’t know how to start or what to do, there were a few experienced students that walked around and helped. They were more than happy to help anyone who was having difficulties, as it hard to get at first.

The hectic pace of the school year  can bring a load of stress. Crochet Night offers a stress free activity, which is open to everybody and ability, to meet new people in a casual and fun way. It’s an open space to sit with other students. The supplies were provided for the students and there were some snacks as well. 

  The beautiful thing is that everyone was at a different skill level, many being new and had never tried crotchet before. 

Emily Ball, Senior Hutchins major, came with her roommates to give it a try but had never attempted crocheting before in the past. “I definitely recommend everyone to come to the next Crochet Night. It’s so fun and very laid back and comfortable. Nobody will make fun of you if you need help,” Ball said. 

Ball had zero experience and despite that, she had a pleasant night learning a new craft with friends. Ball spent the night making friendship bracelets for her boyfriend and her best friend. 

Miana Coleman, a graduating Senior Ceramics Major, was the proud lead of this event, and came up with the idea. 

Coleman wanted to bring people together and share with them something that brings her joy and teach students that are interested. “This event is important to me because crocheting really helps me, especially when I’m stressed out and overwhelmed. It’s a great exercise for self care and something I’m passionate about.” said Coleman. “It can be challenging at first but you get the hang of it and can be really fun or make great gifts for people.”

Coleman is self taught and watched Youtube videos to learn, but has the experience to help others. The current project she is working on is a blanket as a Christmas present for her boss. 

For the students that wanted, they were able to take some supplies home and continue with the piece they were working on. 

There are also those that have been crocheting for many years and are either self taught or a family member showed them. There were a couple students that brought their own supplies and just came to hang out with everyone. 

One of the students was working on a pair of shorts she’s crocheting. She has been crocheting for six years when her grandmother taught her. 

The HUB and Coleman are working to plan another event closer to finals. They believe this is an important event. The success of the first one only proves their point that this is activity makes a big impact on students. 

Coleman confirmed that Crochet Night will stay in The HUB’s main room and will always welcome all students. They are located on the second floor of the Student Center.