Lobo’s Bingo Night raises Halloween spirits

Lobo’s knows how to get people in the Halloween spirit. Last Friday, the cafe and pub held a bingo night for students to get together and have some fun, starting off their Halloween weekend. When 8:30 came around, it was time to start the game and students got ready to compete. Friends gathered to play and judging by all the laughter and smiles going around, it’s safe to say everyone had a great time.

This event was organized by junior residential advisor Crystal Jimenez, who played the role of calling out the numbers for students to play. Residential Life, who helped put on the event,  executes a variety of events at Lobo’s each month, including karaoke nights, trivia games, and crafting in order to get students involved and for them to meet new people. It’s also a great way for students to enjoy the Lobo’s menu and get drinks or eat together.

“I really enjoy putting on events at Lobo’s because it gives students something to do on the weekends and they get to connect with each other. It’s a safe space where students can come together and have fun,” said Jimenez. “It’s also fun for me because I get to hangout with students outside of the residential community and get to know them.”

While the turnout wasn’t huge for this event, as many students were getting ready for Halloween festivities, it didn’t stop students from enjoying their beers and playing some bingo. One group in particular started out with about six people, but as the night went on, more of their friends joined them and participated in the game. 

Students played with bingo cards with a free space in the middle and used marbles as placeholders while random numbers were called out. Once they got a winning pattern, students yelled “Bingo!” in order to get their cards checked and approved by the facilitator. Winners received free candy as a prize if they got the correct pattern. 

There were many rounds, as each time someone yelled out bingo, they would start the game over with a whole different pattern. This changed it up and gave many students the chance to win. 

“I love coming to Lobo’s and participating in the events,” said junior Adrian Aguirre, “It’s a great way to get all my roommates and friends together to have some fun. We come here a lot because there’s always something going on.” 

Aguirre recently transferred to Sonoma State this fall and enjoyed winning a few rounds of bingo, which got him in the Halloween spirit with some free candy. 

“I don’t come to Lobo’s that often, so I wanted to check out the Bingo Night with some friends.” said junior Josh Bombard. “My favorite part was definitely the free candy, I got some M&M’s which are my favorite! It was a great time with my buddies and I would definitely come again to another Lobo’s event.”

The next events being held at Lobo’s is Late Night with Lobo “Pop Takeover” karaoke on Friday, Nov. 2. It promises to be a great way to show off singing talents and a way to support peers who will be getting up on the stage.