Haunted House delivers frights

Associate Students Productions, more commonly know as ASP, spooked students with it’s second Haunted House for Halloween. 

It was hosted on the third floor of the Student Center in the ballrooms. Sammi Glatt, graduating Senior Communications major, was in charge of this year’s event. 

“We do everything for the students by the students. Halloween is a huge thing on campus and we feel the students really appreciate it when we do the Haunted House,” Glatt said. 

The theme was based on a house that had been invaded by zombies and clowns. The characters were dressed in a variety of clown costumes, and lurked around corners and throughout the walk. 

ASP uses the company Simplified Entertainment. They bring in everything from lights and music to costumes and props. ASP used the same company last year and it makes it easier for ASP because all they have to do is set it all up. 

The line was down the hall before the doors had even opened. Students of all ages were eager to check out the Haunted House. Groups of four were allowed in a time, some of them nervously huddling together. 

Jessie  Hawks, Freshman Psychology major, gave some insight as to why she chose to come out to this year’s event. 

“It seemed exciting since it’s the night before Halloween.” Hawks said. “I read about it on an email and talked some of my friends into coming with me.” 

Some students came out of the room laughing with their friends because of how spooked they were. Others were a little less impressed and walked out unfazed. 

The students that loved it, complimented ASP, saying it was so great and scary but not too crazy. A few found themselves shutting their eyes a couple times. The majority of the students can’t wait for the event to come back next year and see what it’s going to be like. 

For the students that have been to an ASP Haunted House in the past, they were delighted with how this year’s house was. It was similar but had different elements to it that stood out. 

  Lexi Irvine, Freshman Criminal Justice major, said “Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I love scary things like movies so this was the event for me.” 

As the night went on, the longer the line continued to grow. Those standing outside could hear the screams and banging from inside of the room and the excitement on their faces grew.  

Various students talked about how their favorite part of the Haunted House was the grunge crawling around following them. Others said it was the man at the end holding a chainsaw that caught them off guard. Many agreed that it was a fun night with peers that they don’t need to spend additional money out of their pocket to go and enjoy. 

Glatt is looking forward to see how they can make it even better for years to some. “Something we are thinking about is investing in our own type of haunted house and make it a tradition,” Glatt said. 

Many students talked amongst themselves about standing in line again, to go in a second time. Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday and love that they can spend it with their friends and not have to leave campus.