Escape to adventure with Outdoor Pursuits

Camping, backpacking and kayaking are just a few of the things you can do through the Sonoma State University Outdoor Pursuits program. Whether you’re an outdoors type of person or a beginner, there’s something for everyone with Outdoor Pursuits. 

Having begun in the early ‘90s, the Outdoor Pursuits program has brought together SSU students, faculty and staff who all share love for adventure in the outdoors. The program takes participants around California to do a variety of activities, and sometimes offer the option of an out-of-state trip. This semester students can choose to take a trip to the Grand Canyon.

“This program allows people of all skill levels to experience the great outdoors here in California,” said Tre Jones, outdoor pursuits programmer. “Students benefit a lot from being able to get away from campus, and those who attend our trips are able to form strong connections with one another and create friendships that will last outside of the trips.”

Jones said he is excited for the spring break which he called “a sort of a farewell tour of some national parks in the region,” Jones said. “Due to Trump reducing the size of some national parks, we thought it would be fun to offer students a chance to join us in exploring Zion Park, Bryce Canyon, Red Rocks and more really cool places.” 

To sign up for a trip, students can visit the recreation center and mention the Outdoor Pursuits program to the front desk clerk, or they can sign up by filling out all the forms then and there. Prices range from $60 to $260. However, the prices include everything you may  need during the duration of the trip such as experienced instructors, campground permits, maps, group gear such as stoves, water filters, tents, and cooking kits.

“Although I have never gone on a trip with outdoor pursuits, I think it’s really awesome that it’s open to everyone,” said Zach Somola, a senior SSU student. “Being able to bring friends from off campus makes the program so much better.” 

Senior Jonathan Alley said that although he’s new to campus and hadn’t heard of the Outdoor Pursuits program, he thinks the program could be really useful for those looking for a little escape from school. 

“I love to go camping,” Alley said. “It is super fun and allows me to get a little break from everything.”

Sonoma State senior student, Krystal Bacon, said she’s excited for the trips to begin and cannot wait to go on new adventures with her friends. 

“The price includes everything you need and it’s super easy to go on trips,” Bacon said. “I didn’t bring very much camping stuff with me when I came back from break, so it’s nice that I don’t have to go buy anything in order to take these trips.”