Student Success Fair helps connects students and staff

Sonoma State University programs and departments are here to help you succeed. At the Academic and College Success Fair on Sept. 5, several organizations on campus had set up tables in the Seawolf Plaza to meet students and inform them about what they do. The goal of this event is to get students to meet different departments of the University and get a better understanding of what they want to major in, or what clubs they want to join.

The fair gives undeclared students a chance to meet different departments and see if they are the right fit. It also allows students to learn about the different resources available to them on campus.

One helpful program on campus is Student Peer Advising, who offers academic advising to any student, regardless if they are declared or undeclared.

“Student Peer Advising helps teach you how to use the tools that are already available to you. There’s many aspects of MySSU that people aren’t aware of such as Degree Planner and your AR Report. We also help with class schedules and breaking down the GE pattern,” said student advisor, Lana Harris. “We kind of all work together with Academic and Career Services and undeclared advising to help students get on track.”

Many students do not realize how many services are available to them here at Sonoma State. This fair helps promote these different opportunities and programs. There are students who haven’t even stepped foot in the library, even though there are plenty of resources they offer.

“The library provides many tools such as quiet study rooms, course reserves, low cost printing and online research guides for many different subjects. We also have a 24/7 chat on our website, so even if you’re working late, you can ask the library a question,” explained librarian Loretta Esparza.

The math department is another area that students can think about getting involved in. Whether it be joining the math club or actually declaring the major, there are many interesting aspects involved. In response to the removal of remedial math in the California State University system, the Sonoma State Math and Statistics Department has some new supported GE classes that they started last year that are designed to help students who struggle with math.

“We have very exciting activities we do with students that build their mathematical mindsets and critical thinking skills, so students get a lot of extra support to succeed.” stated faculty member Natalie Hobson.

A student-run organization that offers volunteer opportunities, called JUMP which stands for Join Us Making Progress, is also a good way to get involved on campus. They take students out into the community and show them ways to give back to society.

“We have four different programs which are Days of Service, Sustainability, Youth Programs, and Human Services. Anyone can volunteer for our Days of Service and we usually have about 6 opportunities per month. They’re super low commitment and can fit into anyone’s schedule,” said student members Keth Penkian and Sinoun Phoung.

“I’m thinking about volunteering for JUMP this semester, they offer a lot of cool opportunities and it would be a great way to give back!” exclaimed senior Tara Murphy.

Overall, the fair was a positive resource for students and showed them what Sonoma State has to offer, along with what is easily available to them.