Students shine during “Late Night with Lobos”

Sonoma State students filled up Lobo’s Friday evening as they gathered for “Late Night with Lobo” featuring “Pop Takeover” karaoke. Every seat was taken as students were eating, drinking and enjoying their peers’ singing. 

    Karaoke night at Lobo’s was a perfect way for students to relax and have fun after completing their third week of school. These events are put on by Sonoma State for students on campus who are looking for something fun to do on the weekend. “Late Nights with Lobo” takes place every Friday night at Lobo’s,  and students can come participate in activities like trivia nights, crafts and karaoke.

     With over 2,000 songs available for karaoke, students had many options to choose from. Vida Mina, a junior, was one of many students enjoying the event and cheering on her classmates and friends who were willing to sing. When asked about what she thought about events like these, she said “Late nights with Lobo are awesome! It’s a great opportunity to de-stress, meet new people and “[it’s ]” wonderful to see people cheer on one another.” Mina, like many other students present, came to the event with her friends to get something to eat as well as enjoy the students signing. “I would definitely encourage people to come out, the environment is very welcoming and I always have a great time” Mina said. 

     Nayeli Lozano, a junior at Sonoma State, was also there cheering people on and was there to show support for her friends who were in charge of the event for the night. “I decided to attend with friends to see what it was all about and we had a great time. I would definitely come again” said Lozano. When asked if she would encourage other students to come Lozano said, “ I would definitely encourage people to come by even if they don’t want to sing because you can still have a lot of fun.”

     Karaoke night at Lobo’s was a success as people kept coming in throughout the night  giving the performers a bigger and better audience. Julia Barragan, a senior at Sonoma State, was in charge of the karaoke that night and said, “I think because it’s the beginning of the school year, students are looking to meet more people and are wanting to come out to campus events which is awesome!” This seemed to be true as every table was filled up that night,“I was really happy with how many people came out, it made the night so much fun! Karaoke nights at Lobo’s happen once a month!” said Barragan.

     Students present were having a great time singing and cheering people on song after song until the employees announced they would be closing soon. Although there were many students at this event, there are still a lot of students on campus that are unaware of events like this and miss out on these fun opportunities. It is important to be updated and pay attention to the advertisements on campus. 

     To get more information for future events like late nights with Lobo and other activities students can search “Seawolf Living” online for times and locations. According to this website, it is “your guide to living the ultimate Seawolf life, and it will help you get info on events, news and lifestyle happening at Sonoma State. Visiting this website can help you find events and activities throughout the semester.