Campus clubs gather together for involvement fair

Sonoma State students filled the main center eating, drinking, and laughing last Thursday.There was a cheerleading exhibition outside the Student Center lobby. Everyone seemed to be unifying for one larger purpose: to get better involved. This day marked yet another annual student involvement fair, hosted by Student Involvement, here at Sonoma State.  This event is usually held within the first two weeks of school to offer Sonoma State students a way to get involved on campus in a relaxed and casual environment. During the fair, Culinary Services provided the food: hot dogs, veggie dogs, chips, cookies, and beverages for free. Plenty of Sonoma State students and administration circled the tables with representatives advertising for clubs, Greek Life, student government opportunities and more. 

     Manu Lopez, a sophomore in the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, walked by the Pi Kappa Phi table. When asked about the Involvement Fair, she said: “as somebody looking to get further involved, I think it’s great that Student Involvement provides food that motivates people to get out here. It’s awesome seeing the unity of this school, especially the clubs who are bringing a lot of energy out.” 

    From behind the tables, the perspective can sometimes be a bit different. Spencer Hall, a sophomore and chemistry major, said: “I think it’s another great contribution to student life, but being behind the table I have a love hate relationship with it.” There is a certain obligation that comes from being a representative behind a table which calls for one to stop the touring students and offer information, even if it does not feel so natural. On the other hand, Heidi Parra, a senior and psychology major, tabled for Associative Students, which holds a goal of bettering the quality of student life on campus. “It fills my heart with joy because having the free food is bringing our SSU community together. Everyone is very passionate about promoting academic excellence and diversity.”

    The clubs benefit just as much as the students do. “The fall involvement fair welcomes and celebrates all club and organizations for the overall well being of the students of Sonoma State,” said Joanie Ly, the Campus Life Advisor. She pointed out that because Big Night can be overwhelming, people have a chance to spread out. Rob Smith, the Campus Life Advisor for Sports Clubs said “I want students to continue to utilize our resources, know what we can provide for them, and offer connections to the campus university.”

    From the top of the Sonoma State Student Center, saw a sea of students, faculty and staff, all unifying over two common purposes: to be more involved, and to better appreciate what Sonoma State has to offer. Be it cheerleading, Greek life, sports, bettering the student experience, free food, music or line-dancing Everyone has a place that they will fit into here. Via events like the Student Involvement Fair, everybody can find their individual niche.