Internship fair provides opprotunities for students

During this second week of school,  Sonoma State hosted the Seawolf Service and Internship Fair in the Salazar Plaza. Students were able to stop by and check out any of the organizations tabling that day and get more information on how they can start an internship or better their resume with their volunteer service. Events like these are a great resource provided by Sonoma State, because according to an article from The New York Times, “a survey found that 41 percent of employers said they considered volunteer work as important as paid work.” For new and continuing students, this is a great way for them to begin thinking about their futures and how they can obtain the skills necessary for their careers. Some of the organizations at the fair include: environmental causes, elder support services, children’s after school programs and Internships opportunities, so students had a variety of options to interact with. Many students were present and kept a lot of the tables busy as they hoped to gain more information on the opportunities each organization had. According to the Sonoma State website, over 50 nonprofit and government organizations were present so students had the opportunity to find something that they liked.

One of the organizations present was the KRCB North Bay Public Media who were offering volunteer opportunities and different internships for Engineering and Television production. North Bay Public Media is a Sonoma County-based public television and NPR radio station that is located here in Rohnert Park. Students who were interested in any radio or TV production could apply to gain more experience with this field. When talking to Amy Boyd, the Media Production Manager, she mentioned that they had been participating in this internship fair for quite sometime and were happy to be there because she knows the importance of gaining experience. “We have had many Sonoma State students throughout the years and have enjoyed working with them,” Boyd said. This is an opportunity for students to gain more experience and knowledge of working with media and it also looks great having it on your resume for the future. Not only that, but it’s a great way for students to be involved in their community, as well as a local news station.

Another organization present was Latino Service Providers, also known as LSP, who were offering volunteer opportunities for students to help out in the community. This organization’s goal is to try to remove the negativity towards Latinos and mental health. Daisy Cardenas-Perez, the program coordinator, was present and answered any questions residents had. According to the LSP website, their mission is to build a healthier community by serving and strengthening Latino families and children, and reducing disparities related to ethnicity or race within Sonoma County. Their goal is to help Latinos in this community and offer the opportunity for students to be part of their program. “We have volunteer opportunities and have a sign up for an electronic newsletter where we send helpful links and information to anyone that’s interested,” Cardenas said. This organization helps Latinos in this county by educating them on resources that can help them and that are available. This was just one of the many organizations present at the fair that offered volunteer opportunities that could benefit the community as well as the student.

This fair was successful, as there was a large group of students browsing the tables and talking to different organizations with interest. Ben Co, a senior at Sonoma State, was one of many students there asking questions at every table, including LSP. When asked why he decided to get information for volunteer opportunities, Co said, “After getting involved in different clubs throughout college, I found out that I enjoyed helping people. This fair is good because it has brought many opportunities to people who do not have connections.” This event was a great opportunity for students looking to gain experience and have the opportunity for an internship that can help them with employment after graduation. This fair is just one of the many events and resources Sonoma State offers students who are interested in helping out the community, as well as the chance to obtain internships nearby.