Spring recruitment reveals pros and cons of sororities

Spring Recruitment 2019 is right around the corner for those who missed formal recruitment in the fall. Formal recruitment is held by the Panhellenic Association here on Sonoma State campus. The chapters included are Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Gamma Phi Beta, and Phi Sigma Sigma. 

Spring recruitment is a less rigorous process compared to the weekend long events that take place in the fall. The process is much more laid back in the spring because only a few of the chapters hold recruitment as well as giving prospective memebers the opportunity to choose which chapters they go into. This is in contrast with fall recruitment, where girls have to go to every chapter event. 

Phi Sigma Sigma, one of the chapters holding spring Recruitment, will be holding info nights Feb. 1 in the Alexandera Valley room, and on Feb. 4 in the Bennet Valley Room. Both meetings are from 7- 8 p.m.

During the meeting, you can learn all about what it’s like to be in Phi Sigma Sigma. When looking for what to expect during this process, the chapters host events where you get  to hang out with the girls of the chapter, whether it be a coffee date at Starbucks or a hike on Taylor Mountain. 

Alpha Gamma Delta member Mia Pollak stated the best way to prepare for the recruitment process is to “Be yourself and have fun with it, the purpose of recruitment is to find a place to be your true self so my advice is to be 100 percent you, through the entire process.”

Pollak expressed how taking a position in Alpha Gamma Delta has brought her close to the organization and her sisters. She stated holding a position is the best way to get involved in a sorority. Pollack stated you get close to your sisters, learn responsibilities, step out of your comfort zone and grow in confidence and connection. 

Another way to get involved if you are uninterested in taking a position is to just be present. It makes a positive impact on the chapter when girls go to all the philanthropy events, sisterhoods, mixers and other events. 

Of course, sorority life is not for everyone and like with everything in life there are pros and cons. 

In the article “Joining a Fraternity or Sorority: The Pros and Cons of Greek Life” from the website The Best Schools, they gave a list of things to consider if you are questioning whether to go through recruitment or not. 

Joining a sorority is not free. The prices vary between all the chapters. With cocktails, formals, events and apparel to spend money on, prices do add up. 

Another element to consider is joining a sorority can be time consuming, with at least a couple hours of commitment every week. 

On the other hand, there are many pros to consider such as social identity, philanthropy, networking, career connections and connections as well as friendship. 

Phi Sigma Sigma member Charlotte Skolnik talked about her experiences in a sorority and how it has affected her college experience. 

“Phi Sigma Sigma is honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only has it given me life long friends and people I will know forever, but it has made me come out of my shell”. 

Although the sorority life is not for everyone, going through recruitment could be very beneficial if you’re looking for a place to call home here on campus. 

If a sorority is something you would be interested in, the info nights are highly recommended and dates will be available at tabling this week.