An adjustment to the Advising Center

When strolling through campus this past year, students might notice that some big changes are being made. A major adjustment coming up this semester is The Advising Center’s move from the first floor of Salazar to the first floor of the Library this Oct.

The Advising & Transfer Center is set to move on Oct. 8. They will be closing the doors of Salazar on Fri. Oct. 4 - Mon. Oct. 7. The Advising & Transfer Center plans on having a grand opening party set in mid October. The official date of the event is still to be determined. 

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Some students may have not heard of this move or realize how it will affect them. Not only is The Advising Center moving to a new home, they are also adding more ways to help more students. The Advising Center at Sonoma State, has already joined forces with the Student Peer Advising Center as of last year. Now, the advising team will also be focusing on supporting transfer students and has taken on the title: The Advising & Transfer Center. 

“The Advising & Transfer Center will be providing support to the same student populations we currently support. However, it may be important to note that The Advising & Transfer Center recently expanded the students we support,” said Director of the Advising & Transfer Center, Michael Balasek. “Prior to Fall 2019, The Advising & Transfer Center primarily provided support to undeclared students, 

student-athletes, prospective transfer students, transfer students, and military-connected students.” 

With the support from Graduation Initiative 2025, as of Fall 2019, The Advising & Transfer Center is providing support to the same students already listed, but will also be assisting students declared Pre-Nursing, on top of lower-division students who are declared: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Environment, and Planning; Kinesiology, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology. The list is planned to grow by the end of the semester. 

With the relocation, The Advising & Transfer Center will now be closer to students as well as closer to other campus resources. These resources include: the Learning and Academic Resource Center, Writing Center, the Tutorial Program, and Supplemental Instruction, Disability Services for Students, and the Center for Academic Access & Student Enrichment; DREAM Center, EOP, PUERTA, SWS, TRIO SSS. 

“Schulz Library is very student friendly and brings all of the transfer and advising staff together in one common space” said Jami Grosser, Professional Academic Advisor at The Advising & Transfer Center. “ On a college campus when we have an opportunity to create spaces that align with our mission and function so seamlessly, magical things can happen. And because we know that advising is such a strong component of student success, our new space is a great step forward in helping Sonoma State students be successful.”

The Advising & Transfer Center currently sees students for drop in meetings from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Students can also make an appointment to see advisors from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.. The Advising & Transfer Center is exploring both expanded availability and different ways of seeing students besides just face-to-face. This means more telephone appointments or even Zoom video conferencing. 

“We recognize that all students have schedule commitments to work around, whether that is a job, an internship, a commute, childcare, athletics, clubs, Greek organizations, whatever it may be. We are currently asking for student feedback on this topic to better understand and meet the needs of all our students,” said Balasek. 

The Advising & Transfer Center invite students to take their Qualtrics survey to better understand what times fit students’ needs. The survey can be viewed conveniently by taking an image of the QR code which will direct students to a quick survey. The Advising & Transfer Center will be able to find times that will work for drop ins, Zoom, and phone calls.

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