Enjoy "Escape Rooms" with Seawolf Living

Escape rooms have become a recent pastime for many people this past year. On Oct. 3 and Oct. 4, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Sonoma State University is bringing back “Escape Rooms” to campus. This event is free for Seawolves to attend.  

These escape rooms are a physical version of “Escape the Room” video games. They will be taking up to 10 to 12 participants every hour for both days. There will be a vendor that is going to set up and host these escape rooms. These escape rooms are a Student Involvement sponsored event. 

“An escape room is a themed room in which a team of individuals enter with the objective of trying to get out based on the theme and the clues strategically placed and hidden in the room,” said Programming Coordinator Marina Briones. 

There will be different themes to these escape rooms like Patient Zero 1, Patient Zero 2, BOOM and Snow Globe. 

Within Snow Globe, a student will be constrained to solely 45 minutes to find sacred objects and stop Jack Frost. In  Patient Zero escape room, students will have 60 minutes to discover the secret to stop a mad scientist and the birth of an apocalypse. In the explosive BOOM escape room, students will have 45 minutes to search and find the evidence that will solve a crime mystery.

“An escape room is a game with team players cooperatively discovering clues, solving puzzles, and accomplishing tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time,” said Mo Phillips, Director of Student Involvement. “We think this is a great opportunity for friends, residential hall rooms, classes, club members, teams, work staffs, fraternities and sororities to play and work together to solve the puzzles together. It’s a great team builder.”

Escape Rooms came back by popular demand. In the past, there have been escape rooms that have happened on campus and they are a great way to get students to come together and work as a team to solve these puzzles. 

“Student Involvement hosts several events on campus. We host several social & educational events throughout the school year and can all be found on Seawolf Living, our student involvement social medias, as well as our website. We want to give students activities they can participate in on campus as well as an alternative to going out and drinking. Our goal is also to get students to create connections with others, step out of their comfort zone, and ultimately have fun,” said Briones. 

There are many events on campus that are intended for students to get out there and create connections with seawolves all around the university. Student Involvement works alongside staff, organizations, and many more departments to make Sonoma State a fun, engaged campus that cares for its Seawolf community. 

“We want to enrich the student experience through co-curricular opportunities that foster getting involved, making connections, leadership and professional and personal growth. Student Involvement creates and implements social and educational events and programs to help build community, spirit, and traditions at Sonoma State University,” said Briones. 

There are many more ways for students to have the opportunity to have fun and get the most out of their Seawolf experience. 

The escape rooms are just one of the many events that get Seawolves excited to be apart of the Sonoma State community. To learn more about different events on campus, check out the Seawolf Living website for more events. The university is always giving chances to socialize. It is always a good day to be a Seawolf.