Pick up your paddles for the ping pong tournament

After a long, busy day of school there is always time for a ping pong tournament where Seawolves can destress and have fun. On Oct. 9, at 7 p.m. a ping pong tournament will be taking place at the Sonoma State Campus Recreation Center. They are back due to popular demand. The past couple of years, ping pong tournaments have been a popular fun way to participate in an engaging sport that you can walk in and play with no pressure. 

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Participants will have the opportunity to compete tournament style for the chance to win an intramural sports shirt. This is the only tournament of the semester, and they will allow as many students to participate as possible. The best way to sign up is at the intramural sports table inside of the Recreation Center, but you can show up the day of the event and still be able to participate. 

The ping pong tournament is a free, bracket-style tournament for Seawolves. Anyone can participate and have the opportunity to compete with their peers. There is no experience needed. This tournament offers a casual but competitive environment without the time and demands that a club or sports team ask for. 

“Anyone who is a Recreation Center participant can participate.  We get a wide range of skills and experience among participants. It’s a friendly environment so any newcomers are welcome to play,” said intramural program co-supervisor Zac Taugher.

This ping pong tournament is advertised all throughout campus to give students the opportunity to destress and put their competitive streaks to use. 

“The ping pong tournament is a really good way for friends to get together and engage in friendly competition,” said Camila Sanchez,  Risk Management Supervisor. 

Ping pong tournaments are part of the intramural sports and it will be the only ping pong tournament in the semester. 

“The ping pong tournament isn’t part of our normal programming, but our single-day tournaments have been popular for the last few years, so we always try to put a couple tournaments together during the semester, ” said Taugher. 

There is no limit on the amount of students that can participate. As long as you show, you will have the opportunity to play and participate. The event is advertised all throughout campus to get a diverse crowd of students. 

“Myself and Bobby, my co-supervisor, do most of the behind-the-scenes work. It’s mostly advertising and making sure people know about the tournaments, as well as making sure spaces are available and IMS employees are able to be there.” said Taugher. 

The Recreation Center puts on events like this tournament so that Seawolves have the opportunity to engage with their peers. This will be the only ping pong tournament this semester, but they are hoping to do more next semester. 

The intramural sports program allows students to connect students and the campus community by creating memories through diverse sporting and recreational events that promote sportsmanship, relationships and lifelong activity in a safe environment. 

Students who are interested in sports can participate in intramurals. Students can create their own teams and compete against other Sonoma State students. 

“In the past I have participated in intramural sports and they were a great way to grow active and meet new people. The recreation center promotes a healthy living and provides students and opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and participate in games that are usually competitive and fun,” said Recreation Center staffer Stephanie Ramirez. 

If you want to play a sport, be active and meet new people head into the front desk of the Recreation Center and sign up for the ping pong tournament and check out the front desk. Participate, meet new people, and maybe earn the bragging rights of being the winner of campus’s only ping pong tournmament of the semester.