The Career Center and HUB team up to put on a resume workshop

A good first impression can make or break any interaction. When going into an interview for a job, it is best to come in with the best foot forward. That is why The HUB and Career Center are partnering to help students with a resume workshop.

This workshop will be from 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. on Oct. 15 in The HUB. The workshop will be hosted by The Career Center’s Kelsey Bensky. 

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“As a Career Advisor, I am passionate about helping students identify meaningful careers and feel empowered to navigate the career exploration and development process,” stated Kelsey Bensky in the About The Career Center website. 

 “Prior to higher education, I worked in non-profit and corporate settings, and eventually discovered my love for counseling & advising through my own career exploration journey. Not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life is more common than you might think, and I am excited to be helping SSU students build the knowledge, tools and resources to help answer that question.” 

This workshop is designed to help students start as well as update a draft of their resume. The workshop will provide the tools students will need to succeed in their coming interviews. 

“The main goal of a resume workshop is to help students know how to best edit their resume to be able to have the best chance to get an interview. Also, we go over how to talk about their skills and how to utilize them for their aspiring job,” said Career Center employee Kayla Moceri. “Students are highly encouraged to bring in their resume, even if its a rough draft. It’ll help them to get the most out of the workshop. If they don’t have a resume, we have handouts and 1-pagers that can help them get started before coming to a workshop.”

The event will be hosted in The HUB, allowing for a spacious, welcoming environment for students to come and have all their questions answered. The HUB works to transform the ideas of alienation, disempowerment, degrading, and destroying. The HUB wants to connect in meaningful conversation to build community between cultures and worldviews. 

“The workshops at the HUB are very different from our resume workshops. We focus on how to get our students career ready. The HUB focuses on diversity and supporting identities instead of careers,” said Moceri. “All students are welcome to come to our workshops. We also welcome our alum to come in if they would like too. We support our alum after they graduate no matter how many years later.”

The Career Center not only supports students, but also alumni in the following areas: major and career exploration, career education and planning, writing resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, graduate school exploration and preparation, finding jobs, internships, and service opportunities. 

“Our hope is that students can get a better understanding of how to make a resume, how to edit it for each job they’re applying for, and to know how to best use their previous years to their advantage for their next job/ career/ internship” said Moceri.