Career Fest aims to connect students to community

The Career Center at Sonoma State University will be hosting a Career Fest from March 25 - April 4, 2019. 

This Career Fest is a two week long opportunity for students to interact and network with possible employers in their future. 

The fest is split up into two parts, with the first week focusing on different workshops that are available and the second week consisting of different fairs according specific to future career paths. 

COURTESY // Sonoma State University   Students, community members and local businesses gather in the Student Center ballrooms for last year’s Career Fest.

COURTESY // Sonoma State University

Students, community members and local businesses gather in the Student Center ballrooms for last year’s Career Fest.

The different industry fairs will take place in the ballrooms in the Student Center from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m on March 29 and April 2-4.

Along with the different booths and displays, there will be a Career Fest Pop-up that will be available if students would like to make a quick appointment to see their advisor or get their resume checked over.  This pop-up will be located outside of the Student Center and will also include business attire if needed and some activities to de-stress from the day. 

Caroline Stelzer, a student lead at the Career Center, said that attending this Career Fest could allow students to gain more networking skills that can continue to be used throughout their lives. 

“Most lowerclassmen think that career education is something to focus on immediately prior to graduation, but part of our goal with our current outreach is to show that career education is important for every student at every stage of their journey,” said Stelzer. 

Stelzer said that no matter if a students is looking for a career or not, there will still be something for everyone at the Career Fest this year. She said that as the years continue, the Career Center continues to mold the Career Fest depending on students’ needs, which will only increase the impact of these opportunities at these events.  

The Career Fest has many things to offer, from advising to networking with other employers, there is much opportunity waiting out there at this year’s event. 

Andrea Mapula, a fourth year Anthropology major, said the Career Fest is a useful resource when exploring different career opportunities within a student’s major. 

“I think it is important for people to attend the career fair to really look at their options for the future, make connections and meet possible employers,” said Mapula. 

She added that she herself has not visited the Career Center, yet she finds that they are a very helpful resource that she should have taken advantage of at an earlier time. 

Scott Reusser, a fourth year Business major, said that resources like Career Services and the career Fest allows students to be exposed to pathways that may not have been available to them before. 

Reusser recalls a past experience at a Career Fest and how taken aback he was by the amount of opportunity that was present. 

“I think that when you are a student without a clear direction, these campus opportunities help you weigh in different factors that you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to,” said Reusser. He added that he enjoyed talking with the employers and also networking with the locals around him. 

These events throughout the Career Fest will be free for students. 

To register for this event or find more information, the website Handshake will give you more information on how to register for the different fairs and the job opportunities that may be available to you.