Club spotlight: SSU Bio Club

The Sonoma State Biology Club has been an incredible outlet and resource for students to increase their knowledge and obtain more experience with biological sciences. The club focuses on growing a community of students who are interested in the field of biology and want to become more involved within the department itself.

With accomplishments like volunteering at local farms and participating in the annual Russian River Cleanup, the members of the club make sure the community is benefiting from their help. 

The club prioritizes making the biology department and the campus more enjoyable, inclusive and educationally enriched.

STAR// Kayla Allen   Biology club poses for a group picture in International Hall room 104 during their monthly meeting.

STAR// Kayla Allen

Biology club poses for a group picture in International Hall room 104 during their monthly meeting.

Elections are held to choose who will hold different positions in the club, making it a place where people can use their own voices to make changes. Faith Long was Vice President last year and recently switched over to President in December 2018. Long has always had a passion for health science and knew she wanted to pursue a career in the health field.

“I love that there is always something new to discover in biology and how dynamic the field is,” Long said. “The club is an amazing way to meet people with similar interests as you, network with people in your field and interact with professors at Sonoma State.”

You don’t need to be a biology major to join the club; many members have majors such as chemistry or math. It’s a way for people in any field to use their interest in biological sciences to gain even more knowledge and experience to their academic advantage. 

Members continue to serve the community and surrounding area through leadership, teamwork and participation in extracurricular activities.

“Biology Club has given me the opportunity to meet people I otherwise wouldn’t have met,” said social media officer Julia Graham. “It also gave me the opportunity to get involved in a community I was new to.”

On Thursday, Feb. 28, the club set up an interactive display at Rohnert Park’s Evergreen Elementary School’s Science Night, which they participate in every spring. Brave students had the opportunity to hold a praying mantis and a tarantula, as well as learn about science from the volunteers. 

Sharing and interacting with young children is just one way that the club uses its resources to become involved with the community.

“The Biology Club is a great resource for career advising, volunteer opportunities, internship exploration and opening up many doors for future careers,” Long said. “We expose our members to every field of biology through tours of bio-related jobs, community service events and inviting professionals in the field to come speak at our meetings.”

The Sonoma State Biology Club Facebook page and Instagram page (@ssubiologyclub) are great ways to keep up with upcoming events and club meetings, as well as sharing pictures you’ve captured or employment opportunities.

Marielle MacDonell, a junior double-majoring in Math and Chemistry, became a member of the club at the beginning of the spring semester last year because she had multiple friends who had joined. The activities that MacDonell has been able to do with the club have included movie trips, hikes and camping in the past.

“Some of my best friends at Sonoma State right now are in the Biology Club,” MacDonell said. “I’ve had some really fun experiences that have made my college experience so much better.”

The Biology Club will be holding meetings on Thursdays April 4, April 18, and May 2 at 12:15 p.m. located in International Hall Room 104 for the rest of the spring semester.