InMotion classes shake up regular gym routine

When at the gym, people often get so stuck in a routine that their bodies become accustomed to and find themselves no longer getting sore like they used to in the beginning. 

It is important to switch up workouts every four to six weeks in order to continue seeing more results. This can mean learning new workouts, adding more reps, or simply attending workout classes where you’re forced to do something new. 

The Sonoma State Recreation Center offers InMotion classes in the Niagra room Monday through Thursday which are open to all students. 

COURTESY// Sonoma State University   Students participate in an InMotion class offered at the Recreation center on campus, Monday through Thrusday.

COURTESY// Sonoma State University

Students participate in an InMotion class offered at the Recreation center on campus, Monday through Thrusday.

Students are not required to sign up, they can simply find the schedule online and walk into any class they desire to attend. 

Current classes offered are Flow R&B Yoga, Buti Yoga, Yoga, Kickboxing and Self Defense. All of these different classes can help assist you in being the strongest you can possibly be through moving your body in different ways. 

It is important when getting active to do something that’s fun for you and that you genuinely enjoy.

For InMotion, all of the different instructors have a passion for the classes they teach which helps make the classes even more enjoyable. With the other students in the classes attempting the same movements as you, it’s easier to get through that hour workout with the support of everyone beside you. This not only is a good way to switch up your routine, but it’s also a fun way to get moving and remain healthy. 

Megan Backs, an Sonoma State Univeristy yoga instructor, always had a love for for the workout she teaches.

“During my training I learned that yoga truly represents, ‘A mindset done on and off the mat.’ Overall what made me want to be a teacher was because I wanted to increase my knowledge for this practice and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and help people.” said Backs.

In her yoga class, Backs’ likes to go slower, which is suited for beginners. “Sometimes I use essential oils too.” Backs said.

The Recreation Center also offers a Self Defense class from 5 to 6 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

“The instructor, Antonio Castro, has a lifetime of martial arts experience that involves learning, training, teaching and learning again. His martial arts background includes black belts in traditional Karate and Kung-fu systems.” Clarence Jones, a university police officer, said.

Jones hopes classes like Self-Defense will become more formal as time goes on. 

“I would like to see it become a progressive program where students can build their self-defense skills over the course of a semester rather than on a drop in basis.” Jones said. 

This self defense class is another way to get exercise while preparing yourself for future situations where you may need to protect yourself. This is a class open to all students, whether male or female. 

“I will go into a class thinking I’ll be fine and how easy it’ll be for me and I walk away impressed every time.” said  senior Daniela Zarich. “People should take advantage of more of these classes.”