Club Spotlight: Snow Club

If you’re looking to join a fun club on campus with little to no time commitments, Sonoma State’s Snow Club might just be for you. Any students of any skill level that have a passion for snowboarding, skiing, or any outdoor activities are more than welcome to stop by a Snow Club meeting.

The Club’s President, Lauren Bracken, has been a part of Snow Club since her freshman year and is proud of the organization’s accomplishments.

“I joined Snow Club because I knew sorority life wasn’t for me and I needed to be a part of something,” Bracken said. “One day I walked through the group’s tabling and two girls at the Snow Club table called me over and just started talking to me. I was hooked. They were the most inclusive and accepting people and we still are today.”

COURTESY // Sonoma State Snow Club   Members of Sonoma State’s Snow Club table outside the Student Center in 2017.

COURTESY // Sonoma State Snow Club

Members of Sonoma State’s Snow Club table outside the Student Center in 2017.

The sports club is run entirely by students that share the same passion for outdoor and snow-related hobbies. Sonoma State students can find the club tabling often in Seawolf Plaza. The club dedicates itself to snowboarding and skiing. Members often find themselves at popular ski resort locations including Northstar, Kirkwood, and Heavenly. However, their club trips aren’t limited to just Lake Tahoe.

In addition to visiting the snow, the club gives Seawolves a chance to travel throughout Sonoma County, including fundraisers, bonfires, and camping trips.

“Although we’re the Snow Club, camping is by far my favorite event of the year. It is so incredibly affordable and so many people end up coming.” Bracken said. “This was the event that hooked me as a freshman and it’s something I look forward to every semester.”

Previous Snow Club events have included Lagunitas Brewing fundraisers as well as trips to the Liberty Glen Campgrounds. The club plans to re-visit Lake Sonoma on an overnight camping trip this Friday, April 26. Tickets are $25 as food and beverages will be included.

“I think the club’s biggest accomplishment was selling out two camping trips in a row,”  Bracken said. “The club hasn’t done that in years and it’s awesome that I got to be in charge of that. My own personal accomplishment has also been being the first girl president of Snow Club.”

The club has been very successful by continuing to present Seawolves with safe, student-friendly events that preach socializing, and most importantly, fun. The club’s treasurer, Ben Sheiner, has truly benefited from Snow Club’s events and activities. 

“I was a shy freshman when I went on my first camping trip,” Sheiner said. “The friends I made there actually converted me into treasurer of the club. My experiences in Snow Club have shown me that it is well worth to join and get involved on campus.” 

While the club has always featured a diverse group of students, it’s ultimately a welcoming, judgment-free environment.

“I joined Snow Club because the inclusive, no pressure atmosphere was inviting,” said Nick Deleissegues, a senior. “Our biggest accomplishment would be continuing to offer a unique resource to Sonoma State students. The amount of memories from camping alone outweighs the gift of my college memories and they are the most fun I have every semester.”

The club is always welcoming new members and meets monthly in the Student Center ballrooms. 

Interested Seawolves can join Snow Club by paying a fee of $60. To stay up to date with events and activities, follow the club on Instagram under the name @sonomasnowclub, or contact Snow Club at