Can’t miss DIY Saturdays

Do it yourself projects, often dubbed DIY,  are just as opportune as they are ridiculously fun and engaging. There are a wide range of possible DIY projects out there and their potential is only amplified by time spent with others participating in the same. DIY projects are the perfect way to sharpen the brain with creative experimentation and conversation. 

For those intrigued by DIY projects, Seawolf Living has you covered, providing the creative spark at Sonoma State University’s “DIY Saturdays”, happening Saturday, May 4, from 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. at the Vineyard. 

“Get out of the dorm and let your creativity run wild, from making your own slime, Playdoh, magnets, and so much more to hanging with your fellow Seawolves, ” states Seawolf Living. 

Small patches of creative fulfillment in our lives, even in the simplest instances of DIY fun, actually instill us with an uplifted mood and more energy. Of course, like many other activities, engaging in these moments with people—let alone fellow impassioned students— stimulates a creative focus that produces growing results, too. 

According to the mental health service Resources To Recover, the benefits from arts and crafts, such as those provided during DIY Saturdays, include stress reduction and relaxation. “Fighting anxiety, depression or emotional trauma can be very stressful for you both mentally and physically. Creating art can be used to relieve stress and relax your mind and body.” stated Resources to Recover. Calming activities and stress relief are always beneficial to college students.

Dylanger Rucker, a third-year Political Science major and Residential Advisor for Beaujolais village, is among an assemblage of students who’ve appreciated the dynamics of the event in the past.

 “Yeah, it was a great experience to be able to learn how to make your own arts and crafts among other things we got to do. I was super excited that this event was held because learning how to work through different tasks, too, with the little materials college students are offered was rewarding,” Rucker said. “Having that chance was just an amazing overall experience both for us RAs and the students that have come out to the event before.”

With student attendees appreciating the enduring element of satisfaction and contentment brought about by completing the various DIY activities at hand, it does seem to feel like less of a task for students who have, indeed, discovered the not-so-hard to find enjoyment that pervades an environment of shared creative expressionism with electric potential.

Jaret Fiffick, a third-year Business major and “DIY Saturday” attendee, thinks that, like Rucker’s overall impression, the event allowed him to see a “showcase of differences in creative expression and the personalized, different approaches of ingenuity between each of the students who attended and brought their own twist to the activities; that was fulfilling in itself.” 

With an admission fee costing nothing more than a short walk to the Vineyard, and creative opportunities, like Lava Lamp making, stretching well beyond otherwise mundane tasks like making putty, DIY Saturdays is definitely an on-campus event make sure not to miss.