Student Spotlight: Maria Luchetta

With Panhellenic recruitment just around the corner, it can be difficult to decide if going through recruitment is the right choice. This is why Panhellenic’s Vice President of standards, Maria Luchetta, is here to discuss her thoughts on the recruitment season ahead. 

Maria is a fourth year psychology major here at Sonoma State University and plans to graduate Fall of 2020. Her plan for after Sonoma State is to get her masters in art therapy and become certified as a marriage family therapist.

Maria grew up in Arcadia, a city in Los Angeles county. Back home, Maria enjoys exploring new places in Los Angeles or going to the Art District. Most importantly, Maria enjoys spending time with her family back home. 

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“When I came to Sonoma State as a freshman, I signed up for recruitment but was really intimidated. I didn’t want to go through but I had some encouragement from a family friend and decided that even if sorority life wasn’t for me, I could meet new people through the process” said Luchetta. 

Maria believes recruitment is more than just an opportunity to find a home on campus, but also a way to meet people in the process. 

“I went through recruitment my freshman year with the mentality of not really wanting to join, just wanting the meet new people through the process but then once I went through I realized sorority life was nothing like the media shows,” said Luchetta. “I met each chapter and realized that they had similar interests and values as I did and spent most of their time volunteering of some sort which is what I had done throughout high school. By the end of the weekend there was a chapter that I ended up falling in love with which was something I never imagined could happen. On bid day I ran home to the chapter that I am still in to this day” said Luchetta.

Maria is Vice President of standards for Panhellenic. Her job entails being Panhellenic President, Courtney Bagg’s, right-hand man. It is also her job to enforce the National Panhellenic collegiate bylaws and make sure chapters are following the rules. Panhellenic’s purpose is to work with the school and the chapters on campus. Their job is to help students find their home and oversee that things are running smoothly.

“Throughout my time in my chapter, my big saw the best in me and knew I would and should be a leader. I’ve held positions in my chapter and during that time my big was on Panhellenic. I saw her do all the amazing things that Panhellenic could do. She was my inspiration to join Panhellenic as I saw how it could change the way the school sees sorority life on campus” said Luchetta.”

In Maria’s years here at Sonoma State University, she has enjoyed going to bodega bay for crab sandwiches and Patrick’s taffy. She also loves trips to the city with friends, exploring new places, hiking and watching the sunset. On campus, her favorite thing to do is catch up with friends at Lobos and W&B. 

Maria’s experience with joining a chapter can provide students with insights on the opportunities greek life can provide including leadership positions. Many roles in chapters can coincide with students’ interests and field of study. 

“For me, it has boosted my confidence in all things I do whether it’s work, school or speaking to people. The most valuable thing I have gained from being in a sorority is that going greek means becoming part of something that is bigger than yourself.”