Students get to see club life at the Student Involvement Fair

Sonoma State University prides itself on being the type of campus, in which getting involved is the best way to gain an amazing college experience. Sonoma State has a variety of ways students can get engaged on campus from intramural sports, Greek Life, and over 120 clubs offered. On September 11, there will be a Student Involvement and Club Fair going on in the Seawolf Plaza from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm. Student Involvement will also be providing students with a free hot dog lunch courtesy of University Culinary Services and Sonoma State Enterprises.

The main purpose of this Student Involvement and Club Fair is to give students the opportunity to be exposed to the different clubs Sonoma State has to offer. There are clubs that identify with students individualities like the LGBTQ+ and Ally club, MALCS (Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambios Social), Mock Trial, Chemistry Club, Black Student Union, Disney Club and more. 

Mo Phillips, the event coordinator, and their team have been advertising this club fair for the past two weeks. 

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“We are expecting about 50-60 clubs for the Involvement Fair. The tables are offered on a first come, first serve basis. They sign up on orgsync to reserve their spots. The only requirements are that they are a chartered club or organization in good standing and that they sign up.” said Phillips. 

The beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to show up to events like this.

“We know that if students do not make connections, engage in campus,or find their niche in the first six weeks of being on campus, that things can be much more challenging for them and they may decide not to stay. Our goal is to help them find that niche, to make that connection, to engage with others and have shared experiences. We want them to feel like they matter here,” said Phillips. 

The president of MALCS will be tabling during the club fair. 

“The Club and Involvement Fair is a great opportunity to get our name out and be recognized at the beginning of the semester. It provides the student with a wide variety of populations and variety of interests. It allows the student to find a way to fit in and feel welcome on campus,” said Gabriela Davila, MALCS president. 

These clubs will not only be tabling to allow students to get involved, but it will give them an opportunity to find connections and create new experiences that will be beneficial in the long run. 

Club fairs are offered once a semester during club week.

 “If students want to find out more about getting involved, joining or starting clubs, they can always come up to our office on the second floor of the Student Center in the Student Activities suite. You can also find out about other opportunities to get involved in the Student Activities suite, but checking out the Associated Students JUMP, ASP, and Student Government,” said Phillips.

 There are different ways in which Seawolves can get involved and if students do not know where to start, the Student Activities Suite can help find whatever suits students needs.

If there are any clubs that are not being offered starting a club is easy. 

“To charter a new club, all you need is an idea, a president, treasurer, an advisor and 3 other students.  Once you have that, come see us in Student Involvement and one of our Advisors will help with the rest. We currently have about 120 clubs and organizations,” said Phillips. 

There will be more success fairs being offered during the semester that will continue on being advertised through Student Involvement. For those who want to know more about success fairs coming up, you can check out the Club and Organization section in Seawolf Living and or check out their office on the second floor of the Student Center.