Become like Bob Ross at the Paint & Sip Event

Wine and Paint nights have become a popular pastime in recent years. It is a time for people to come together and get creative over a glass of wine and a canvas. This phenomenon is coming to Sonoma State on Sept. 24. Associated Students Productions (ASP) invite students to Paint and Sip. This event will take place in Weyden & Brewster. 

“It’s a great experience to connect with your friends and meet new people. The art pieces are complex, but the instructor makes it super easy to mimic. I’ve been to a couple of others outside of SSU with my family and it was a great bonding experience” said Sonoma State student Alyssa Curtis.

Not only will students get to learn how to paint, they will get a video tutorial from painting icon Bob Ross. Bob Ross’s mentality is “happy little accidents” which is perfect for beginners who stress about their painting experience. There is no pressure and everyone from newbies to experts can find something to enjoy. 

Entrance to the event is free with a Sonoma State I.D. Materials for Paint & Sip will be provided. The event will have two parts to it; session one beginning at 7 p.m. and session two starting at 8:15 p.m., giving people with busier nights the chane to hopefully find a time to enjoy the festivities.

“We do lots of events that have to do with expression and current events and those are well attended as well. Students love the variety. We have done paint ‘days’ in the past. Which have all been extremely successful,” said alumni Sammi Glatt, a member of ASP for two years. “Students love the opportunity to come paint with all the materials given to them and then they are able to take their art home with them. They love being able to wine down in between classes. The Bob Ross ‘paint night’ is new but I think it will be just as popular as our paint in the plaza days.” 

Paint & Sip allows students to relax and enjoy time spent with friends. The tutorial is easy for beginners to follow along allowing for students with all levels of art experience to participate in the tutorial. 

“ASP has had a big fluctuation in event attendance. We had a steady flow of people that would come to our events. Our ongoing events like bowling night and open mic night are always successful. The haunted house and our concerts are also well attended,” said Glatt.  

Weyden & Brewster will be offering a cash bar for students who are over the age of 21 to indulge in a glass of wine during the event as well. 

Associated Student Productions is Sonoma State’s number one source of events on campus. They offer a variety of activities to attend and get involved with. ASP offers everything from a wild cat show to free bowling nights. 

“I got involved with ASP after planning my sorority’s philanthropy event ‘Lip Jam’. Erik Dickson and I worked closely with one another and he thought I’d be a great fit to ASP. And I loved every minute of it and I do miss it. But I took those skills and now plan events for a living so it’s great,” said Glatt. 

This event will be a good chance for students to sit back, kick their feet up, and paint while conversating with fellow peers. 

Who doesn’t want the chance to be Bob Ross for a day? Visit the Paint and Sip event to enjoy a drink and paint some pretty pictures with Bob Ross.