The HUB hosts the Black Community and Ally lunch

The HUB is kicking off the new semester with their community lunch event on Fri., Sept. 6, 2019 from 12p.m.-1p.m. The Black Community & Ally lunch is a non-formal way for students, staff, and facility to engage with each other outside of the classroom. This event is happening at The HUB, and peers are welcome to come enjoy some food and partake in the delightful community that is Sonoma State University.

“This event builds as an extension of our cultural center at The HUB, and to know who’s on campus in a welcoming community,” said Nalin Wangel-Homisar, a senior here at Sonoma State.

Besides the delicious free food that will be provided, the event will include lively music and conservation. The Black Community & Ally lunch will give students an opportunity to bond with one another, and create support with the school. This event provides a fresh way to gain positive insight and come together as a community in a casual manner.

This event will be the first of many at The HUB, and each event is divided with a specific topic for colleagues to engage and share in a secure place. This also gives students a chance to connect with not only fellow students that they may have not known, but also building strong bonds with mentors and faculty.

It’s easy to stray away and become isolated under a pile of homework, and The Black Community & Ally gives students a chance to take a break from all the chaos. Release tension and enjoy what The HUB has to offer. Peers and mentors will be there to help guide each other, and gain a better perspective about their surroundings.

 “Not a lot of people know about The HUB but we have awesome programs that will be going on, including a crochet recurring event about self-care,” said senior Miana Coleman.

The HUB is a wonderful way to get involved here at Sonoma State University. It is located on the second level of the student center, and open during those hours to provide a safe space for peers to feel comfortable here on campus. The HUB welcomes everybody, whether it’s about taking some time away from the stress of school or enjoying conversation with peers. Students can lounge on the plethora of couches, indulge on yummy snacks and drinks, or find yourself in conversation with others. The HUB also offers as a meeting place for clubs and organizations in a comfortable space.

“We strive really hard to make people feel comfortable when they’re here, and make a community space for them in a safe way,” says Wangel-Homisar.

 As noted on the Sonoma State website, honoring the past, uniting the present, and building the future is the basis for The HUB. This area is a chance for a safe-place to build a community of acceptance. Students can come indulge in conversation and acceptance of cultural expression and creativity, because that is  what The HUB is all about. Dive into a new aspect of cultural expression and innovation, and form new bonds that can last a lifetime.

The HUB wants all peers to feel safe at Sonoma State, and to build self-awareness and a positive outcome for the future. People are welcome to come in and join serious conversation, or in a casual mixer style. One may also come on a day that’s quiet to catch up on some homework or just take some time outside the academic world. The comfort and support provided at The HUB is essential for students and facility to gain self-help. Stop by or stay and engage, because The HUB is provided as a home away from home  

 “It’s a safe place, anyone can come for connections and support,” said Coleman.