Zaum literary magazine accepting submissions

Zaum is a word defined as being transrational, beyond what is perceived by the senses or understood by rational analysis. Zaum is also the name of Sonoma State’s literary magazine. Commencing its 19th year of publication, Zaum is getting ready to release their latest issue. In anticipation for the newest issue, Zaum is currently accepting submissions.

The priority deadline for all entries is Friday with a final deadline on Nov. 7. Guidelines for students sending in their work include: limiting prose entries to less than 15 pages, and poetry entries to less than six poems. 

On their website, Zaum states that it accepts prose, poetry and visual art of graduate and undergraduate students from around the world. The magazine aims to showcase students’ work and gives writers and artists the opportunity to find their place in the literary world.     

Despite the many entries, each issue only showcases the work of 20 to 30 students. 

Further, despite the magazine being distributed solely in the Bay Area, it has gained national recognition as well.

A true testament to how successful the publication is echoed by the fact that Zaum has received several national awards from the Associated Writing Programs. 

The highlight of their acknowledgments being when issues six and seven were nominated for the Pushcart Prize, a national prize open to any writer in the country. 

The magazine, which was named Mandala changed its name in 1996 to Zaum and has existed on the Sonoma State campus for over 35 years now. The program itself serves over 100 students each year. 

It’s a great opportunity for students who wish to get involved in publishing on an established magazine. It provides students the opportunity to gain experience in layout, design and marketing of the publication. 

What makes this magazine special is that it gives students the chance to showcase their talents. 

This allows for variety in every issue as the range of entries stretches across the country. 

Last year the magazine celebrated its 18th publication with a gala at the Redwood Café in downtown Cotati. 

Attendees celebrated the evening by taking in poetry readings that were published in the magazine while also enjoying complimentary appetizers, music and a raffle. 

Those interested in submitting their work to Zaum should send an email to