Campus hosting Sustainability Day events

Leaders in industry ranging from efficiency in energy to understanding what people eat and the power of conservation, the idea of leading a sustainable lifestyle can originate from classroom, a novel idea or simply a new understanding.   

Within the coming week at Sonoma State University, the campus will open its doors to a new variation of learning, with a message that holds significance around the world, all the while sharing how students can be leaders in the emerging world. 

“The future belongs to students.  When we talk about sustainability, we must recognize that we are asking what the future will be in this very global, interconnected world we all live in,” said Paul Draper, director of sustainability. “Climate change, because it affects all of us, is the defining challenge of our student’s generation.   I believe it is the obligation of higher education to put before its students the great questions, to inspire them and also to ask of them that they find the next set of solutions.“ 

Today, the campus will host a number of events educating students about education.  The headlining event, “Lessons, Lexicons, and Local Heroes” will take place at 5:30 p.m. and feature artist and filmmaker, Douglas Gayeton, and Sonoma State’s own Rocky Rohwedder.  

“Students should come out to sustainability day because there is going to be interactive conversations, a chance to see what their fellow peers and the local community are doing. There is going to be tons of free giveaways from travel mugs, to totes and more. It is going to be a great event that you will not want to miss,” said Allison Jenks, sustainability senator. 

The day will also include Supply Chain Portraits: The Global Marketplace at 1 p.m., followed by a Students for Sustainability presentation that includes three student leaders in sustainability at Sonoma State.  At 4 p.m. is a presentation on Recycling in China in Weill Hall. 

“Sustainability day is a very special moment in SSU history. It marks an exciting day to celebrate the traditions, stories, memories, and hard work that will continue to unite us as a mindful, generative, and innovative academic community of practice,” JUMP Sustainability Director Tomio Endo said.

Sustainability Day takes place throughout the week.

On Thursday, there will be an exhibit on Eco-Friendly cleaning products and starting at 5 p.m. is a presentation on how Germany has gone green and it takes place in the Student Center. 

“It’s really a day about awareness but it’s not an end point.  As we become more and more aware of both the problems posed by climate change as well as the work being done by many, many people on this campus to educate and to find solutions I think that will drive many people to do more to solve this most pressing of problems,“ said Draper, 

Throughout the week, starting Monday through Nov. 9 an exhibit will take place in International Hall called “Renewables in Germany.”  

Also throughout the week, there is tabling in the Seawolf Plaza and tours of the recreation center and dining services. 

“I hope it will inspire students and others to become involved in finding and implementing sustainable solutions for the campus environment including residential and academic, buildings, facilities and a plethora of other areas  for making the campus more sustainable, while teaching that in life beyond the campus we also have much to contribute,” said Draper.

For further information on sustainability, students are encouraged to visit