Resolution to aid students with disabilities

Seeing them, perhaps multiple times a day whirring about the campus, the thoughts to hitch a ride or jump on the back of one of these swiftly moving vehicles may have crossed one’s mind.

In truth, they probably only go so fast as 10 miles an hour and range from golf carts, to the little white boxes on wheels to the bright red Ameci’s cart.  Under the recent Associated Students resolution, one of these carts will be able to transport disabled students to and from classes.

The resolution was passed by Associated Students on Oct. 20 and discusses providing adequate transportation for students with both temporary and permanent disabilities.

The concern for disadvantaged students was brought to the attention of Associated Students where senators work to utilize school resources to improve the learning conditions across the campus. 

Recognizing that harsh weather, eroding pathways and other obstacles may hinder a disabled student’s ability to safely arrive in class.  

A similar plan to assist students has been implemented at Humboldt State University and CSU Stanislaus.

This resolution creates a more equal opportunity learning situation by better utilizing school resources.

The resolution by Associated Students will be implemented by April 15.  Associated Students is a student-representing, student-run corporation whose mission is to “promote student advocacy and representation.”

By utilizing transportation resources on campus, this better promotes equal opportunity for the education of all students.

Under the current policy and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the university dedicates resources to assist those with disabilities. Those who are disabled students are asked to self identify and any accommodations for their disabilities are run through Disability Services for Students, more commonly referred to as DSS.

Faculty through DSS will assist students by the means of the university by providing tutoring, extra test time – depending on the disability. It is under this policy that the utilization of carts for students with limiting disabilities may take place.