Registration spikes stress among students

Registration can be a frustrating time for some and an exciting time for others, but either way students are expected to somehow get through this stressful period every semester.

“Searching for classes using the search engine is inefficient and difficult,” said Sophomore Alessio Guerra.

Many students feel the pressure to get the classes they need to graduate and now the time has come for students to register for the spring 2015 semester beginning on Monday for seniors and continuing until Nov. 21 for underclassmen. Appointments for registration became available through MySSU accounts on Friday.

Some tips for registering for classes from the advising center include: Don’t wait until the last minute to get help regarding classes, outline prospective backup classes and a desired schedule in mind. Some may not understand the general education pattern as much as they think and it’s good to play it safe and get a head-start by seeking help from an adviser.

Sophomore Johnny Mummert said, “It’s hectic and unorganized getting the classes I want.”

Students seeking help with registration can attend registration workshops organized by the Admissions and Records department on, Nov. 21 from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There are also Registration Refreshers at the Advising and Career Services Center on Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m., Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. and Monday from noon. to 1 p.m.

“A common registration mistake is having your heart set on just one schedule. You may or may not get all those classes,” said Jaquay Butle, a peer adviser.

Students can seek peer advising for general education requirements and major declaration in Salazar 1070.

“ Don’t put all your classes in the basket at one time, it can, and will overload the system and you could be kicked out,” said Butler.

The California State University fund budget received an increase of $142.2 million for the 2014-15 year. More classes and professors should be added slowly and students can expect improvements in class availability in the coming years.

Peer advising can be a valuable resource for undeclared students as well as all Sonoma State students. Peer advisers can help students find out their interests and recommend introductory courses to test out a particular major or not.

Those needing a refresher or insight on reg- istration are encouraged to visit registration/addclasses.html.