Recreation Center implements new locker policy

Students who have been using the Recreation Center have previously been provided free lockers to store their belongings in while working out or using other facilities. However, those students using the lockers will soon realize that starting Nov. 22, the lockers will no longer be free for use.
“You can bring in your own lock and pay $1 for the day,” said junior Alyssa Gadberry and front desk assistant at the Recreation Center. “At the end of the day you have to make sure you take your lock or it will get cut.”
The policy for the lockers will change to one dollar for a day rental and if students would like, they are able to purchase lockers for a semester at $45. However, students must provide their own locks.
This may be a major change for students who use the free lockers on a daily basis.
“We are changing the system of the lockers,” said senior Clarissa Palomera, who is also a front desk assistant at the Recreation Center. “Students would not return the keys afterwards, so we are starting to charge now that way we can keep track.”
When students rent lockers for the day they have to remove the lock themselves by the time the Recreation Center closes. If a locker is rented for the semester, the lock has to be removed by the end of the semester. 
The items in the locker for day or semester use and the lock was not removed by the student themselves, their items will be held for three days and if they are not claimed, they will be donated.
Many students seem to be unaware of this change occurring and will soon realize how it might be a burden to rent out lockers.
“I think it is not in effect quite yet,” said Palomera. “So I think once it actually starts then we will definitely get a lot of feedback from the students.”
Although this is a change for the students, it is supposed to help the Recreation Center to not lose the locks they paid for and provided to students.