Students encouraged to prepare for registration early

Registration at SSU is approaching in late November, and many students wonder how they can better their registration experience, or prepare themselves to be more successful through registration this upcoming semester. Although some students have had good luck with registration, others haven’t had the luxury of being so fortunate during the process. Luckily, there are options for SSU students to better prepare themselves for when registration strikes again. 

The first thing that comes to mind when senior Jack Benedict thinks about registration is, “extremely slow internet, and how long it takes to register because of the slow  connection.”

 Since everyone is trying to get their first choice classes all at the same time, the servers often become delayed or shut down, upsetting students and resulting in added stress.  

“It’s hard to remain calm, because while the internet is slow you are just thinking the classes you needed are getting taken by others,” said Erica Abel, a junior at SSU. 

Although each student has their own personal experiences with registration, Benedict has never had an issue in his time at SSU. 

“Since I am a Political Science major I have gotten every class I have ever wanted. It never really stresses me out, but my roommates were a different story,” said Benedict. 

While some have good luck with registering for classes, Abel is one that has had difficulties. 

“During registration I usually come out with only one class and I waitlist the rest, I usually never get the classes I first choose, I have just accepted the fact I will probably never get my first choice classes,” said Abel. 

SSU offers academic advising for those who are searching for a place to go to find guidance through registration. Academic advising is a service that opens their doors to any SSU student, and is located in Salazar 1070.

In the academic advising office students will find peer advisors that will meet with students and walk them through the process of choosing classes that they need in order to graduate. The advising office is a resource that can guide students in the right direction so they can not only be successful during registration, but also give them the knowledge to assist them in the registration process both now and in the future. 

 Some students find themselves in a knot when they only have chosen the classes they wanted and they find during their registration time they are all full, and they no longer have any idea what to do. Katie Perry, a peer advisor, highly suggests having a backup plan.

“I think it is important to have not only a plan B but a plan all the way through G since it is difficult to get your first choice,” said Perry.  Having a backup plan will ensure that just in case students’ first options fall through, they still have something else to depend on. It’s also a way to help ease stress through the entire process.

Since registration is approaching on Nov. 18, Perry also advises students to get advising soon. 

“I would come get advising in October, or at least two weeks before registration there are more options then students usually know, and we are here to help you step by step and help you have a successful registration,” said Perry. Receiving advising can also save students from taking classes that aren’t necessary for graduation. 

“If I would have received advising earlier I wouldn’t have taken classes I didn’t need and been more on track for graduation,” said junior Karenna Soto. 

Seeking help and finding back up classes are some resolutions to increasing your chances of having a successful registration. Going through it is inevitable, but there are ways to make the process easier.