Associated Students discuss campus improvement

Every week the Associated Students hold a student senate meeting. At each meeting, those representing Sonoma State’s student body suggest ideas that will make Sonoma State a better place for everyone. 

“[Student representatives] must advocate for the students of SSU through a variety of different methods. Our weekly senate meetings are crucial to addressing issues important to both students of SSU and the function of Associated Students as a student-run auxiliary,” said President of Associated Students Mac Hart.  

There were a number of issues that arose during last week’s student senate meeting; one of which regarded a proposal made by representatives from the SSU Administration and Finance. It called for the reorganization of Residential Life, the CSLIS office, the Rec Center and campus event programing. 

The Student Senate is now in the process of providing their feedback in the form of benefits and concerns by the next meeting.

Angie Durkee, the involvement senator for Associated Students, is in charge of representing clubs and organizations while also helping to establish spirit and pride on campus through events such as Homecoming Week and Pack the Pub.

At the Student Senate meeting, Durkee stated what she believes is important to help the university.

“It’s important to recognize Sonoma State community members for their outstanding work,” said Durkee. 

Also addressed during the Senate meeting was “Our Next Big Thing.”

“Our Next Big Thing” is a series of goals we plan on tackling. We broke off into task forces and will be working on fixing the food policy, the signage policy, creating a greener campus, better registration and more affordable education,” said Durkee.

Durkee, along with the whole Student Senate body, are trying to make the campus an overall better environment. The student body believes it is important to change certain issues while adding new things to improve our campus.

“[The AS Senate] is going to ban the use of plastic water bottles. The new Student Center has a water refill station which will bring us one step closer to an even greener campus,” said Durkee.

During the meeting it was brought to the Senate’s attention that a student at CSU Channel Islands had been raped; she reached out to CSUs like Sonoma State University and asked if there were any programs that could help people who have struggled to overcome similar obstacles. The Student Senate may try to come up with a club or organization that will be able to help these students.

The Student Senate wants to create a more involved campus. They are going to conduct surveys and try to figure out how they may be able to affect the campus in a positive way.

 The issues of the new Student Center delay and the trials of the Homecoming Dance were not addressed. Requests for comment from Associated Students Vice President Anthony Gallino were not returned.