Finding the lost and found

Did you know if you have lost anything on campus it may be at the SSU lost and found?  The SSU Police Department wants to remind everyone that the campus lost and found is at Seawolf Services, located on the first floor of Salazar Hall.  This is the same place you can turn anything in that you may have found; or if it is after hours, it can be brought to Police Services.

So, if you’ve lost a bicycle it might be located at Seawolf Services. The Police Department does its best to keep an up-to-date log of all found bicycles on campus, but even officers check in with Seawolf Services when a bike goes missing (on that note: if your bicycle isn’t registered, visit Police Services to get it registered any day and at any time).

Lastly, the police would also like to send out a sincere thank you!  There have been numerous calls into dispatch that have helped locate suspicious people on campus and led to finding individuals responsible for hitting parked cars in our parking lots.  Please continue to call the Police Department if you suspect anyone suspicious and/or hear someone hit a car and leave the scene before leaving their information.  We can always use an extra pair of eyes.

Eric Wilde is a police officer at Sonoma State University. Police Services can be reached at 707-664-4444.