Students arrested on suspicion of drug manufacturing

Last Tuesday, four students were arrested under the suspicion of illegal drug activity, including the sale and possession of marijuana and the manufacturing of narcotics. 

Student Benjamin Lalor, 22, was approached and questioned by police officers outside of Chase bank in Rohnert Park at approximately 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday. 

The suspicion by police came after concerned calls from the Chase bank about a man inside the branch who was not conducting any banking business. 

Once police were at the scene, officers found drug materials in Lalor’s vehicle, who then led officers to his home to inspect further.

One of Lalor’s roommates was on criminal probation at the time. This allowed officers to search the men’s home including the common areas, the yard and the roommate’s bedroom without further consent.

After the search of the home, officers discovered a hash oil lab in the backyard, three pounds of marijuana processed for sale and various prescription drugs. Brass knuckles and a throwing star were found at the students’ home as well, both of which are considered illegal weapons.

Sonoma County has often fallen victim to tragedies such as fires and explosions caused by in-home hash oil labs. 

In October, an explosion occurred at a home in Santa Rosa because of an oil lab. 

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, neighbors of the Sonoma State men were unaware of the activity occurring in the home and are thankful the police are investigating this issue and working to prevent any future incidents. 

The housemates who were arrested were Lalor, James Taylor, Jeffrey Moeser and Kyle McReynolds. 

All of the men were arrested on Tuesday for various drug charges and were booked in the Sonoma County jail.  

Two of the men, Taylor and Moeser were released after their bail was posted. 

Lalor and McReynolds still remain in jail under a $100,000 bail expense.