Pollution Prevention Week in Sonoma County

An annual phenomenon of promoting sustainability and the environment has made its way back around this year to Sonoma County. Starting on the third Monday of September each year is National Pollution Prevention Week. Originating in California in 1992, Prevention Week has gained popularity throughout the entire nation and in the local community.

“The National Pollution Roundtable, based in Washington, D.C. and the largest membership association devoted solely to pollution prevention, is advancing pollution prevention awareness through efforts to encourage and promote widespread participation in National Pollution Prevention Week,” as stated  on the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District website. 

The purpose of Pollution Prevention Week is to give the community and citizens the opportunity to learn about sustainability efforts and participate in activities and events by spreading awareness of the harms caused to Earth and its inhabitants through pollution. 

Pollution Prevention Week also focuses on informing the community about air quality advisories, air quality standards, the ozone and particle pollution.

The California Air Resources Board gathers data for California’s air quality. The board then implements air quality standards for the state.  

“The air quality in California has improved dramatically over what it was 20 years ago,” according to the Air Resources Board website.  

The Air Resources Board also explains that though pollution may be more prevalent in highly populated communities, it has its most effects on the less populated regions.

“Statistics have shown that the worst ozone air quality tends to take place about 15 miles or more east of the urban core,” as stated on the Air Resources Board website.

Counties all throughout California are preparing for this week long experience, putting together events and workshops to help their citizens engage in sustainability. 

For Sonoma County, one week devoted to the Earth just isn’t enough. The county has taken it upon itself to establish the Sonoma County Creek Week during the week of Sept. 20-28 along with a Coastal Clean Up being held by the Russian River Watershed. 

This event is held the fourth Monday of September every year, following Pollution Prevention Week. 

To see a full list of events happening in Sonoma County for Pollution Prevention Week and Creek Week, visit sonomacountygazette.com. 

Sonoma State University will be holding their very own Sustainability Day and Expo next month to promote the local and campus sustainability efforts that the university has taken in becoming more environmentally-friendly. 

Sonoma State’s Sustainability Day will be held on Oct. 21 and will be celebrated with many events, lectures and discussions.  For more information regarding Sonoma State’s Sustainability Day and Expo as well as the campuses recent efforts in becoming a more sustainable and green campus, visit Sustainable SSU’s website at sonoma.edu/sustainablessu.