Young’s Market donates to Wine Business

Another donation was made to Sonoma State University for the construction of the new state of the art Wine Spectator Learning Center, which is described as the showcase of the Wine Business Program by the recent donor.

Young’s Market Company, a distributor in the United States of wine and spirits recently donated $250,000 to Sonoma State for the construction of the Wine Spectator building, which begins construction in 2015.

“I am pleased to announce the gift from Young’s Market Company in support of SSU’s Wine Business Institute.  The President and executive vice president of Young’s Market Company came to campus to discuss our programs and students and how they can be involved and support our goals,” said Dean of the School of Business and Economics Dr. William Silver. “It was an incredibly exciting conversation, because they aren’t merely interested in helping us to build the Wine Spectator Learning Center, but are also interested in building a collaborative partnership,” Silver said. 

Young’s Market Company plans on not only making a partnership with the Wine Business Program, but also plans on having several of their own staff participate in the program.

Gaby Aguirre, a junior and business major with a concentration in wine business strategies had many positive things to say about the recent contribution and partnership with Young’s Market Company.

“Young’s Market has great values and business ethics. It has already been very supportive in the past of the Wine Business Institute. They’ve even hired graduates from the program. Partnerships like this are what help better the institute and its growth to becoming the best,” said Aguirre 

Aguirre also had this to say about the program and partnership with Young’s Market Company.

“The institute is already a prominent aspect of the campus but there has never really been a physical and more technical building to actually aid the students here. A main worry of students in today’s generation is not getting a job when they graduate. The career center and other partnerships like Young’s Market have definitely helped put that worry at ease,” said Aguirre.

The recent contribution is just one of many which were made to Sonoma State for the construction of the Wine Spectator Learning Center. 

In July, President Ruben Armiñana announced that Marvin R. Shanken, editor and publisher of Wine Spectator Magazine donated $3 million toward the Wine Spectator building.  

Jim Barich, senior vice president of government relation    at    Young’s Market Company had this to say.

“What I see with this building at Sonoma State University is a showcase of the Wine Business Program,” said Barich. “This is the only place we know of in the world that offers a degree in our business.”

Young’s Market Company was founded in 1888, and is one of the oldest running family-owned companies in the United States. Young’s Market Company handles the sales and distribution of wine and spirits for wineries and breweries.

“We are a symbol of whole sellers, our home base is California, and we are a big supporter of California,” said Barich “Sonoma State is located up in wine country, it was a perfect collaboration.”