What is the Arrive Alive Campaign?

Arrive Alive is a campaign regarding bicycle and pedestrian safety.  This year officers at SSU and at RPDPS will be participating in the Arrive Alive Campaign.  Their efforts are geared toward education and enforcement of bicycle and pedestrian violations. 

Bicyclists are considered vehicles and are expected to obey the rules of the road just like all motor vehicles.  A few examples of this are to keep to the right when riding, helmets are required if under 18 years of age (but are always a good idea), only having one ear covered (i.e. earbuds or headphones), a front light is required when riding at night and using hand signals are required and a way to be predictable to everyone.  Another special note is that it’s not allowed to ride bicycles on sidewalks.

Pedestrians are to always walk in cross walks.  It would be nice to let a few vehicles go through when there is a long group of pedestrians crossing.  If a crosswalk is equipped with a flashing or solid “Do No Walk” signal, it must be obeyed (an example is the light at East Cotati and Vine/Bodway). Skateboards are considered pedestrians and are not to be ridden in the roadway.

Located around campus, and at the Police Services building, are flyers explaining Arrive Alive.  You can also get more information by logging onto: http://sonoma.edu/ps/bicycling/

Did you know: The Rec Center has a bike repair and part shop here on campus?  Stop by the Rec front desk for information and for hours of operation.