Campus prepares for Movie Fest

The Campus MovieFest (CMF) is the world’s largest student film festival for students interested in filmmaking, production and music. The CMF is free to students and provides all the necessary professional style technology, equipment and training. Students in the CMF are given one week to create a 5-minute short film, complete with an original script and original music. 

CMF was founded in 2001 by a group of four students at Emory University in Atlanta. Since they started the CMF 13 years ago, it has spread worldwide to more than 500,000 students at numerous university campuses including Sonoma State University. The CMF began at SSU in 2006. Hundreds of SSU students have participated in it, including sociology major and junior Diyavava Zanga.

Zanga and her roommate created two video submissions for the CMF during her time at Sonoma State. The first student-created movie was a comedy about a struggling comedian whom no one finds funny. 

Zanga cites the first movie as not being quite as successful compared to her second movie which she believes her and her roommates were better prepared for. 

“This film was about how a college experience is what you make it, and it was based on a poem that I had written before,” said Zanga. “It was a more serious heartfelt movie and almost made it to the top 16.”

“Break” was another CMF film by SSU students that made it to the top 16 last year. Eloy Camacho, SSU graduate, starred as the leading character in the film. At the time of the film, Camacho was a senior, studying communications. The film was a sci-fi drama about a deadly zombie virus attack, which the characters failed to receive warning while they were on a technology break.

“[The film] followed a guy named David who is having a rough time because he thinks his girlfriend is going to break up with him,” said Camacho. “David’s friends try to take his mind off it by spending the day outdoors, but there has been a zombie virus outbreak.” 

Camacho also co-wrote and edited the film. He told the STAR that he believes it was a good experience for any college student to be involved in because it’s such a unique opportunity and a great way to get one’s name out there.

“Associated Students Productions is the organization planning and promoting Campus MovieFest, however this year it’s a part of Lobofest, the second spirit week of the year,” said Rachel McCloskey, Associated Students Productions campus connections director and theater arts major.

This year’s launch of the Campus MovieFest begins on Oct. 2 and finalizes on Oct. 8. Interested students can meet in Ballroom B of the Student Center between noon and 5 p.m., and receive a camcorder and an Apple laptop. 

The students must create their own 5-minute short film with original screenplay and music.

There is technical support provided for students in the Russian River Valley Room of the Student Center from noon to 4 p.m. throughout the week. 

The finale of the CMF is on Oct. 10. There will be a red carpet showing of the top films at the Green Music Center on Oct. 10 at 7:30 p.m.

“Students should participate in the Campus MovieFest because it’s an amazing way for students to get a taste of what real life movie making is like and they also get the chance to have their films judged and get experience working as a team,” McCloskey said.

Students interested in participating in the Campus MovieFest can attend the info meeting on Thursday in Ballroom D of the Student Center.