Executive chef position filled for the interim

Teeming with life, the gentle rumble of student chatter seems bountiful and unbreakable.  Islands of food varieties cater to the desires of students and visitors alike.   Staffed by both Student Employees and chefs, campus-dining venues seem to be a hub for activity and a huge part of the culture at Sonoma State. 

Being the driving force in development and successes of Sonoma County, the industry of food and wines thrive together.  Inspired and well created, the ritual of eating can be something more than a requirement for life.  People everywhere live and strive for good food.  Behind some of the varying culinary successes at the Student Center is Chef Eric Lee. After 20 years in the culinary arts, Lee has developed his passion to learn to understand and transform food.   

In order to continue to pursue his passions, Lee left Sonoma State University on Aug. 31, deciding to center his life on the things he loves: food , photography, working with his wife and catering fine food.  

Passion is evidently in the plate.  Similarly to the mottoes and aspirations of Picasso, Lee strives to curate classic dishes with new ingredients, different methods while establishing a new form.  It is art. 

Though only a part of the university for under a year, it is evident that Lee has made his mark.  Inspiring students and continuing to pursue his passions within food – including photography as well as creating new dishes based in old recipes.  Many will miss the chef.  

“Eric has made a tremendous impact planning for and leading the kitchen operations for the Student Center.  He also brought a tremendous spirit to our culinary team.  He will definitely be missed,” said Neil Markley, associate vice-president for administration and finance.

Having an anthropology degree from University of California at Los Angeles and graduating from the Culinary Institute of America with honors, Lee has experienced what California has to offer and has chose to reside in beautiful Sonoma County with his wife.  

The two of them are quite a pair, working together in both the culinary arts as well as being a successful photography partners.  Lee is on a number of social media platforms as well as running his own blog and multiple websites.  Eric Lee was unreachable at the time of publication. More information about Lee can be found at  www.chefericlee.com.