Alpha Sigma Phi reinstated after alleged conduct violation

Alpha Sigma Phi was found in violation of Sonoma State University’s code of conduct a week prior to the fall semester’s start and consequently had their charter revoked by the university but as of October, the fraternity has been reinstated to the campus, according to university officials.

President Ruben Armiñana signed an agreement earlier this month to bring the Epsilon Phi chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi back as an active fraternity at Sonoma State. However according to the agreement,  the organization will remain on probation for the rest of the fall semester and will be released from probation in the spring.

Alpha Sigma Phi was founded in 1845 at Yale University and came to Sonoma State in 2010.
When Alpha Sigma Phi was a fraternity on campus last spring they had 72 active members. The organization was kicked off campus by the Interfraternity Council the week before the fall 2015 semester started, however the national organization didn’t revoke their charter, allowing them the possibility of returning to Sonoma State.

The reasons behind why the fraternity was derecognized by Sonoma State was because to events that happened in the past which didn’t involve active members in the fraternity today.

“Past violations of the Student Code of Conduct is why Alpha Sigma Phi was not a chapter during the Fall 2015 semester,” said Vice President for Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer Matthew Lopez-Phillips. “However, Sonoma State has been working closely with the national headquarters along with the local chapter and have resolved the case.”
Lopez-Phillips also shared a joint statement made with the national headquarters of Alpha Sigma Phi, the local chapter and the university.

“Once Alpha Sigma Phi completes a process with International Headquarters and the Division of Student Affairs they will have an even better campus organization and have full reintegration. The men are taking this opportunity to reflect and build upon a solid foundation, to return in good standing with both headquarters and the university.”
Members of the Greek

organization are glad their fraternity is allowed back on campus and are thankful for another chance to be a part of the Sonoma State campus.

“It’s an awesome second chance and we’re eager to step up and make an impact on the campus. [We have] great new ideas for philanthropy and community service events,” said fraternity member Brian Fritsche.

Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity participates with five national philanthropies.

Those include the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), an anti-sexual violence organization, Aware Awake Alive, which works to prevent loss of life to alcohol poisoning by educating teens, the Humane Society, an animal advocacy organization, Big Sisters and Big Brothers of America, which is a youth mentoring organization and resource injured veterans and their families.

In the past, the fraternity has held events to raise money to help all of these organizations.
The organization looks forward to continuing their philanthropy in the future.

Business major Tyler Lyn credits the fraternity with having a positive influence in his life.
“The fraternity has boosted my confidence, has made me more motivated in everything I do, and has equipped me with the tools as well as the connections I need to succeed.”