Students awaiting compensation for delayed dorm construction

Residents of Cabernet Village in the freshmen dorms were greeted with unfinished construction upon moving in August.

Residents of Cabernet Village in the freshmen dorms were greeted with unfinished construction upon moving in August.

Over the summer, Sonoma State University’s Cabernet Village underwent a total remodel that was not completed when incoming freshmen were scheduled to move in. Prior to arriving to campus, students scheduled to live in Cabernet Village were not informed of renovation construction delays.

The delay prevented many students from moving into their dorms at the designated time of 9 a.m. Construction workers were also forced to complete certain construction in the weeks following move in day, such as sealing windows, baseboards and painting. The vast majority of the work that was done after move-in weekend was on the exterior of the buildings.

Actual work time in student living spaces were generally a few hours for one or two days depending on the building. In order to compensate for the inconvenience, Housing Services provided gift cards to students who were not able to move into their rooms right away. These gift cards were made available so that students and their parents could get coffee or breakfast while they waited.

“The response to this was overwhelmingly positive, especially from former Cabernet residents,” said Ryan Ernst, director of sales and marketing.

Sonoma State engaged in a construction contract with Fregoso Builders, Inc. which spelled out the timeline required for the project to be completed by Aug. 11.

Although the majority of residents did not move in until Aug. 22, construction continued to remain unfinished for several weeks into the fall term.

Over 3,000 students live in on-campus housing, and approximately 210 of them reside in the Cabernet Village. A resident of Cabernet is charged living space costs of $2,444 for a triple-occupancy room or $3,539 for a double-occupancy room for fall semester of 2015.

According to Ernst, the rooms now have hardwood floors, new kitchens, updated finishes, and new bathroom fixtures. This update left Cabernet residents with mixed feelings.

“While I love my Cabernet dorm, I was disappointed to find it relatively unfinished,” freshman Brooke Armendarez said. “A missing bathroom door, a broken doorknob, wires hanging out of the electrical outlet. Fortunately, the maintenance workers did their job well.”

A meeting was held on Wednesday with Associate Vice President for Administration Christopher Dinno and Director of Housing Nicole Hendry to discuss the resolution that was brought to the Associated Students Senate regarding the unfinished construction.

The senate is working closely with the Administration and Finance department to make sure students are given reparations for the hindrance. Although many options were discussed in the meeting, the resolution is ultimately in the hands of the Associated Students Senate and will be an action item on Friday.

The school board is currently working with Associated Students to further assist Cabernet residents who were affected by the unfinished housing. In addition, school officials are working alongside Residential Life to create an “End of Construction” party for all of the Cabernet residents.