Fake gun sparks fear among students

Sonoma State University students were on alert Friday afternoon when Police Services notified the campus of an alleged gunman between Lot G and the Environmental Technology Center. Students received an alert about the alleged threat to campus at 12:25 p.m. on Friday.

In a Facebook post, Sonoma State officials confirmed the gun was fake and part of the individual’s Halloween costume.

“Police Services quickly located the person, who had a fake gun as part of their Halloween costume,” wrote officials.

According to sources, the student with the fake gun is a member of Sonoma State’s baseball team and the fake gun was part of his Halloween costume.

Two students on the baseball team, including the student with the fake firearm, were dressed as members of the Taliban, sparking fear in students.

“I was in the car driving back to campus when a police car zoomed past us,” said Sophomore Lily Denesha. “The driver had to pull over because we were going towards the parking lot [when officers] said to stay clear. We weren’t sure what to do.”

Sonoma State University officials encourage students who didn’t receive an alert on Friday to sign up for the Emergency Notification System (ENS) at sonoma.edu/ps/emergency/ens.html.
Under the emergency alert systems, those who signed up receive alerts via text, email and phone in times of emergency or potential threat.

“It was pretty scary and sudden,” said Denesha. “It’s reassuring to know that the campus texts us as soon as something happens.”