Spring registration approaching with new scheduling resource

The often anticipated time of the semester, registration, has come yet again. With a brand new addition to the registration process, the Seawolf Scheduler hopes to ease students’ worries, making it much simpler to find classes that fit student preferences for the next academic semester.

The Seawolf Scheduler was made to help students manage time, stress and get the classes they need sooner during registration for years to come.

The scheduler is located in the top left corner of students’ MySSU, in the online ‘Student Center’. Students can plug in all the courses they want to take and the program will generate all the different options the of class schedules, making sure none of them overlap each other. Once the student likes a class at a certain time they can lock it in so it will show up on all their schedule choices.

The program will also compare possible classes side-by-side so students can see the difference class options. One of the most user-friendly components of the program is the option to put in breaks in the schedule for work or extracurriculars

During registration the Seawolf Scheduler will update every 60 seconds so students can get an accurate assessment of which classes still have open seats.

Once students are happy with the schedule they have laid out, they can send it to their shopping cart where it will then be ready for enrollment.

“We usually see about 1,500 students per semester for help during registration time,” said Senior Early Childhood Studies major and peer advisor Tyler Sewell. “Peer advising is seeing its peak of students with the weeks leading up to it and we have hired new staff members to accommodate for everyone.”

Along with the Seawolf Scheduler there are new courses coming for the spring 2016 semester. These include a Portuguese language class, a new women and gender’s studies course and a sophomore year experience course similar to the freshman year experiences classes.

These classes will all be added to the general education requirements that students must meet to graduate.

To help students prepare for spring registration, peer advisers are holding workshops in the Tuscany residence halls. The advising center is located in Salazar Hall, where students can met with student advisers and career advisers to prepare their future at Sonoma State.

“We added these classes to help increase diversity and to give students different options for their C3 language category in the general education pattern,” said Academic Advisor Michael Balasek.

“I’m really nervous to register by myself,” said freshman psychology major Kelsey Harrison. “But a lot of my upperclassman friends have been giving me advice to make multiple schedules for options and to go to peer advising.”

Priority registration for disabled students and student athletes begins on Nov. 13, and regular registration will begin Nov 16 and will end on Dec. 31. Students’ registration times and dates are up on MySSU now.