Campus welcomes new career adviser

Sonoma State University students may soon find it easier to meet with a career adviser thanks to a grant recently awarded from the California State University system. Sonoma State University’s staff of career advisers is about to double – to two. 

Ann Mansfield, Sonoma State’s only career adviser, is looking forward to having another join the university. Career Services is a campus resource where students can go to if they need help with job interviews, understanding what career properly suits them, internships, workshops, resumes and cover letters and all other career-related questions. 

“A typical day for Ann includes educating, providing resources, connection and insights to help the students of SSU determine and pursue their professional aspirations,” said Brittany Silva, the communications coordinator for Career Services. “This occurs through individual career counseling appointments, workshops, and classroom presentations.” 

Luke Tesluk, student services senator of Associated Students, sees the benefit of having another career adviser.

“I think Ann is doing a great job and having an adviser that could be just like her is what our students need,” said Tesluk.

Career Services welcomes everyone to come and see what they can do to help students in the best possible way they can. Career Services also run Seawolf Jobs online so students can find a job on campus or off campus while attending Sonoma State.

“Raising awareness about the importance of Career Services and having student’s recognize they need to take charge of their futures is something that I am continually invested in,” said Mansfield. 

Mansfield has worked hard to make Career Services a lively space where students can learn how to enter the work world. Sonoma State is getting an adviser thanks to work of John Kornfeld, associate vice president undergraduate studies and a professor of education. Kornfeld was successful in getting a grant from the California State University. 

“I’ve sent students who they don’t know what major they wanted and I knew a career adviser would help them,” said Kornfeld. “It’s only one person we are talking about. Ann has done an unbelievable job, she has refurbished the Career Center by completely and totally remodeling it and redoing [the] website.”

Kornfeld hopes students will use the Career Center even more in the coming semesters with the addition of a new career adviser. 

He credits Mansfield with transforming the Career Center to better assist students in the career-related pursuits.   

"Ann has made the Career Center very present and having another person will make it possible,” said Kornfeld. “What amazing things she is doing and how much more she will be able to do if there is more staff there. This new adviser coming can double the services for helping out the students on campus and that is the main goal.”

The Career Services is looking forward to meeting the new adviser, as the adviser will be helping not only Career Services but also Sonoma State University as a whole to increase students’ knowledge of the work world.