Fall registration begins later this week

Registration for the fall 2015 semester is approaching and many students are wondering how this upcoming semester will differ from past semesters in terms of class availability. Priority students, graduate and credential registration begin registering on Friday and registration for juniors and senior begins on Monday. Sophomores and freshman can register beginning April 23.

Students aren’t likely to find much difference compared to previous semesters in class availability when they go to register for the fall.

“As we did last year, we are reserving quite a few lower division GE seats for freshmen and sophomores so that they should be able to find room in much-needed GE areas,” said John Kornfeld, associate vice president for undergraduate studies. “These seats will be held for lower division students only during the first week of registration, after which any remaining seats will be opened for all students.”

For some majors, students can get their classes easily, but that doesn’t mean they will have easier classes.

“My major isn’t too impacted therefore I tend to get most of classes that I need like I did last semester,” said Edgar Jara, freshman chemistry major. “I am taking classes that only belong to my major again, but it will be a very rigorous schedule.”

Students have different strategies on how they  register each year.

“I tend to pick out the GEs so I can get them out of the way,” said Hayley Beeman, freshman history major. “The classes that I am excited to take if I get them is History 252, 201, or 202 because I feel like they would be the most fun classes out of my stressful schedule.”

A tip on choosing classes is being flexible even if it means taking early morning classes or late night classes.

“To navigate registration for students from peer advisers we go and look at their academic requirement report and see what classes they still need for their GE’s and majors so we can narrow it down and help them pick out the courses,” said Daniela Brady, sociology major and peer advisor. “Also to not be too picky on the classes in case if the class gets filled up them and don’t have an idea of a backup class right then and there. There are classes, students need to be more willing to take them.”

Registration is by appointments, which were released yesterday and are available on MySSU. All appointments end on May 29. If registering from Friday to May 29, students have to pay all their fees by July 1, or else they will be dropped from their classes.

For more information regarding registration, students are encouraged to visit the advising center in Salazar Hall or visit sonoma.edu/registration.