Suspect arrested in recent burglaries

Sonoma State University Police Services  reported on Monday a suspect has been arrested in the recent burglaries on campus. The suspect, Joshua Travers, 32, of Santa Rosa, was booked in Sonoma County Jail on felony and misdemeanor charges. During the arrest, authorities also found numerous items from prior burglaries during the planned police operation. 

 In the series of burglaries that occurred in Stevenson Hall in recent weeks, electronic computer equipment, cash, credit card information and keys were stolen. According to the Police Services website, thes incidents occurred between April 5 and 13 either late at night, or on weekends. 

“What happened has shown a vulnerability in the school’s security,” said Luke Ammerman, undeclared senator for Associated Students. “Although this is not an incident that is highly anticipated. Maybe we should look into a future of higher and constant security, seeing as thousands of students may have their most valuable information at risk.” 

Police refused to comment on the specifics of this case, such as the amount of belongings and information stolen though they did send out an email on April 7 prior to the arrest to inform the greater campus community about the recent administrative office burglaries.  

Ammerman questions the efficiency of notifying the campus community via email and said he believes sending out warnings with text alerts would be a better alternative. 

Teeyona Rhea, a junior and a communications and media studies major, said she is satisfied with the work Police Services has done to inform the campus about this particular crime. She learned about the investigation and extra patrolling by postings she saw in various buildings. 

“I’m just happy they’re doing more than just sending out emails,” Rhea said. “They have stepped up their game with security and have warning signs posted all over campus.”