Seawolves SPEAK! Presidential Edition

With President Barack Obama in his final year of office and the primary debates in our midst, every media outlet, from Facebook to CNN is buzzing over who should be the next President of the United States. On the Republican side, the front-runner Donald Trump boasts a tremendous amount of publicity due to the intensity of his comments and beliefs and the controversy that they spark. While many Americans are bewildered by his immigration policy, others like the fact that he speaks his mind. In addition, Jeb Bush, former president George W. Bush’s younger brother is running, as well as several other candidates.

 On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders, a popular name on campus and in social media, seems to be neck and neck with Hillary Clinton. Clinton, former Secretary of State, Governor, and First Lady has extensive political experience, but many wonder if she has anything new to bring since she has been around for so long. Sanders, who identifies as a Democratic Socialist, is running as a Democrat, and is receiving much support from a party he isn’t technically a part of. Many college students, including students at Sonoma State University, are included in this demographic, partially because of his proposals to reform upper-level public education.

 But what do Sonoma State Seawolves think? Students were asked for their opinions on the upcoming elections, and specifically, who they plan to vote for. See all the responses below.

 Jaqueline Huynh, junior communications and media studies major

“I think [Sanders] has the most potential out of all of the candidates because he’s the one that is actually showing effort in changing the country and like benefiting it in a more positive way rather than just getting rid of everything and everyone as a solution and he seems the most reasonable.”

 Abel Cooper, fifth year sociology major

 “I’d say Donald Trump. He’s an innovator.”

 Austin Mack, fifth year business major

“I like Trump. I think he’s doing well with the fact that he’s speaking his mind. I think we need someone who speaks his mind right now. I don’t think he’d be a good president but I think he’s a good person to put everyone else in the position to speak their mind and speak of the topics more effectively.”

 Verenice Portales, sophomore psychology major

“I’m not really sure on all the people running, but I know I wouldn’t vote for Trump, because he’s coming out with so many negative things and I feel like he would get things done but he would probably not get them done for the best interests of everyone. So I’d go for someone who actually would see the interests of everyone and not just a specific person.”