Seawolves SPEAK: Lobo's limits distribution of alcohol

Seawolf Speaks: Lobos Limits Distribution of Alcohol

The beginning of the semester brought many changes to the campus; however, the alteration of alcohol distribution in Lobo’s is causing many students to speak up. Lobo’s is the only University restaurant that has a license to serve alcohol on campus. The restaurant is no longer serving pitchers of beer, and is also enforcing each student to a maximum of 2 glasses per visit. In the previous semesters since Lobo’s first opened, pitchers of beer were available to students and there was not a limited distribution. Students in Lobo’s were asked their opinion of the new regulation.

“I don’t agree with the ban of pitchers at Lobo’s. It’s a place that brings the community together, and enforcements are never appreciated.” - Caroline Griffin, junior sociology major

“There was too much underage drinking happening within Lobo’s. With the new 2 beer limit, there is more control with who is purchasing alcohol.” - Katie Ryan, Culinary Services Employee, Junior kinesiology major

“I think that the policy takes away the students legal right to consume alcohol. If they wanted to limit us, then why sell alcohol in the first place?” - Leilana Puellu, junior psychology major

“I frequently come to Lobo’s and usually have at least a beer or two, but I don’t think there should be a limit. A limit makes us feel like the children we once were and less like an adult who is legally old enough to consume and purchase alcohol.” - Randy Hania, senior Electrical Engineering major

“I understand that Lobo’s is trying to protect their restaurant by enforcing a ban, however I don’t agree with it. I think if they feel the need to limit alcohol consumption then they shouldn’t sell it.” - Meghan Hill, junior business administration major