Recreation Center remodel to be completed this week

Sonoma State University’s Recreation Center remodel will be finished Sept. 10

Sonoma State University’s Recreation Center remodel will be finished Sept. 10

Sonoma State University’s Recreation Center is currently being remodeled, however, the student body can look forward to the end of the renovation. The Rec Center, which opened in 2004, was in much need of a new floor, particularly in the Fitness Center - otherwise known as the open weight room. The floors of the weight room were starting to become unsafe due to 11 years of continuous use. According to Rec Center staff, the flooring was beginning to form bubbles due to the large number of weights being repeatedly dropped.

Peter Neville, director of the Campus Recreation Center said the goal of the project is to provide users with a functional and safe physical environment.

“The project was originally slated for summer, but unanticipated delays occurred [so the process began in early August],” said Neville, in regard to the delay of the remodel. “The fitness center will reopen the evening of Sept. 10.”

Neville also stated the front desk area of the Fitness Center would be installed at a later date as a follow-up project.

Student employees of the Rec Center have been trained to accommodate the needs and requests of the guests of the facility.

“Reconstruction will enhance our facility in a positive way, and students and the public can look forward to new great floors in the open weight room, as well as possibly a couple of new pieces of equipment,” said Amber Vang, a campus recreation employee of four and a half years. Vang, among other staff, worked over the summer and have been aware of the construction plans and execution process.

The semester began on Aug. 25 and there have been an excessive number of students attempting to utilize the Rec Center during this time of remodel.

Because of the pushback of the remodel, many students anxiously anticipate the date for the construction to come to an end.

“I am eager to see how the reconstruction turns out because the temporary location of the machines is a little bit awkward,” said junior Melanie Yeoman.  “Upstairs is crowded, and I know of a few people who have purchased gym memberships from other facilities due to the remodel.”

Although the construction has disrupted normal function of the Rec Center, it has not completely stopped students from using it. The facility has remained open at normal operating hours during this time. Workout machines have been moved to the front lobby area, making it possible for some to still utilize the facilities.

“The reconstruction makes it difficult to complete a workout without feeling overcrowded,” said sophomore Max Hull. “I am definitely excited to see the new weight room, and also the other changes they made to the Rec.”  

In regard to how the remodel was funded, Neville said the Recreation Center has a reserves account from which the project was financed and currently there will be no change in the fees paid by members of the center.