Electric charging stations being built near Green Music Center

Sonoma County has decided to offer incentives for drivers to switch to electric cars. The county has approved a $240,000 program to help offset the costs of electric cars for Sonoma County residents. 

This money would come from the Vehicle Pollution Mitigation Program, so it would not come from the Sonoma County General Fund. 

This can be used for up to $2,000 off of a hybrid and $1,000 off of an electric motorcycle. Residents are also able to obtain a rebate up to $3,000 on a first come first served basis from the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District. This is great news for the county and for some Sonoma State students.

“If I didn’t have my lease on my Jetta, I’d love to get an electric car to zip around in,” said Rebecca Dedekind, senior economics major at Sonoma State People who would want a new car, can save money, help the economy buying a new car, and save a lot of money on gas.”

This is particularly good news for Sonoma State students as the campus will also be installing six plug in electrical charging stations on campus for electric cars.  Sonoma State University joins other California State universities by installing plug-in electric vehicle charging stations.

The charging stations will be installed in Lot D by the Student Center and Lot L by the Green Music Center by the end of the year. Four vehicles will be able to charge at one time in Lot D and two in Lot L. Any car with a valid Sonoma State parking permit will be allowed to charge. 

“I love driving my Prius everywhere. It’s funny. Everyone in my family has a different colored Prius. It never runs out of gas and it just makes driving fun. I’d love to see more environmentally friendly cars out there,” said Payton Devore, sophomore pre-nursing major at Sonoma State.

This was made possible by a $14,000 grant awarded to Sonoma State by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Charge! Program.

“I really like how Sonoma State is adding that on campus. I know some future students might be worriedthey won’t be able to drive their cars over here but now that problem is solved for them. No need to leave your car behind.  It’s another green initiative that makes this campus more appealing I think,” said Devore.