Associated Students scholarship application period opens today

Recognizing the need for students to be rewarded for achievements in the campus community, the Associated Students at Sonoma State University is giving scholarships, each valued at $500, to 20 students. The period to apply for the scholarship begins today and ends April 1.

“This scholarship program is Associated Students’ opportunity to help our underprivileged students that are going above and beyond here at Sonoma State in leadership, service, and academics that could use a little extra help to make ends meet,” said President and CEO of Associated Students Brandon Mercer.

The Associated Students Scholarship and Program Fundwas adopted on April 19, 2013.It was created in order to help students with rising tuition cost and has a yearly budget of $10,000.
Qualifications for the scholarship are based on levels of academic and community engagement with the Sonoma State campus.

“The student must demonstrate financial need, academic excellence and campus and/or local community involvement,” said Asha Nettles, Associated Students government coordinator. "Applicantsmust demonstrate leadership skills and thorough participation in a diverse set of activities including, but not limited to, volunteer work or leadership roles in academic, co-curricular activities, chartered clubs and organizations, and student government.”

The scholarship application is assessed based on grade point average and merit, with portions of the application covering achievements, financial need and recommendation. The scholarship application requires a 3.0 GPA, two letters of recommendation, a financial need statement and an essay describing the applicant’s engagement with the campus community and the skills they have acquired, according to Nettles.

“Students are asked to demonstrate how they have thrived at Sonoma State based on academic excellence and/or local community involvement demonstrating leadership skills while also demonstrating financial need,” said Mercer.

The scholarships awarded in previous years consisted of 10 scholarships at $1,000 each. This year, Associated Students have changed the quantity of scholarships offered to 20 scholarships, each valued at $500 dollars.

“This year, the Senate voted to change the number of scholarships available as well as each individual award amount.  The total amount available is $10,000 and each award is $500, so we are offering 20 total scholarships instead of the 10 scholarships we have offered in years past,” said Mercer.

Once the scholarship period begins, Associated Students Vice President of Finance Kevin McMahon will be overseeing the scholarship process and will create a scholarship committee that will sort through the applications sent in.

“[Kevin] McMahon will convene a scholarship committee who will read through applications and eventually determine the top 20 candidates who will be notified later this semester and eventually receive their award scholarship,” said Mercer.

To apply for the Associated Students scholarship, visit