Students invited to submit work to campus literary magazine

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Sonoma State University has many opportunities for students who are passionate about writing. One of those opportunities is ZAUM, the university’s student-run literary magazine, which is accepting submissions of poetry, art and prose until March 21, with a priority deadline on Sunday.

Students have the ability to emit different pieces thatrange from poems, prose writing and art.

Additionally, students have a choice to join the creation process of the magazine.
In order to do so, students need to be currently enrolled inEnglish 368during the school year.

The class is held in the spring semester each year and taught by professor Gillian Colloney, a known poet in the Bay Area. Her works of poety include: Peace, Plot, Genie, Profane Halo, Lovers in the Used World and Tall Stranger.

Because of Colloney’s efforts, she has created many opportunities for Sonoma State students.

“What I really appreciate about the ZAUM is that it provides students with an opportunity to have their voice uniquely expressed and heard through art and literature,” said Hannah Richardson.

Richardson is a sophomore and English major with a concentration in creative writing.  

“It is a great outlet for students to have their pieces published and displayed to a broader audience. This year, I will be submitting a few pieces of my poetry,” said Richardson. “As an English major, I am very proud that ZAUM is available in which all students are invited to participate.”

Students can access ZAUM at and to submit work to the magazine, students can also email their submissions to before the respective deadlines this month.

The deadline for priority submissions is Sunday.