Research forum accepting student submissions, deadline approaching

The Society and Culture Undergraduate Research Forum (SCURF) has been active for 8 years at Sonoma State University. This program was started by the Anthropology Club aiming to provide a way for students to present their research in a professional setting hoping to get published.

Every spring, about 15-20 reports are presented orally or through a poster.  The Society and Culture Undergraduate Research Forum’sMission Statement states they are “dedicated to assisting students in preparing, presenting and publishing their research relating to matters of society and culture in a professional setting, developing new skills that will be useful in professional and public careers, as well as post-graduate academia, and providing an opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration amongst students and faculty.”

These students present their research in a professional conference setting knowing they have an opportunity to be in the annual SCURF journal.  There are currently seven volumes of this journal which display Sonoma State students’ hard work and research.

Started by the Anthropology Club, the forum was created to give Social Science majors a chance to get their research heard.  As time moves on, students from many different majors are being encouraged to participate to add an array of research from different walks of life.  
Any research that covers topics of human, or even animal, cultures and societies is encouraged.  SCURF is a great opportunity for students looking to get research out there.  It looks great on a resume and prepares students for their future.  

The forum’s Keynote Speaker will be L. Frank Manriquez, a well-known tribal scholar and activist.  Manriquez is in multiple organizations that look to sustain Native California languages and cultures through travel, conferences, workshops and much more.  She has received many awards including an award from the American Association of University women.

This year’s forum will be held in the student center on May 4th from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.Students, family, faculty and members of the public are welcome to attend the forum.  Drinks and food will be served to the crowd and the participants.  

A journal is released and published yearly in a book of the greatest research presentations among the Sonoma State participants.  

The cover art to that journal can be done by any artist that thinks they have the skill.  The theme this year is “Society and Culture however you interpret it.”  Send your cover art to  

If you are a student interested in presenting research, visit to the Department of Anthropology page on and click on the SCURF link under ‘Department Resources’.  
Once you click that tab you will see a bundle of info and the link to apply.  The final deadline to submit an abstract is March 22 by 5 p.m.